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Project Plan and Presentation Outline


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Project Plan and Presentation Outline


The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) across the globe has cause significant transformation in the way people behave, interact, and work. Healthcare professionals have particularly experienced considerable changes in their line of duty, considering that they are the frontline workers in the ongoing battle against the pandemic. For instance, healthcare providers have had to handle rapidly increasing numbers of Covid-19 patients, work longer hours, and observe stricter safety procedures to prevent the disease from spreading. This sudden shift in working environment is likely to causes a disruption in the normal functioning of healthcare providers.

Thesis statement

Because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the healthcare workplace environment has become increasingly stressful for health care professionals, thereby affecting their overall health and wellness and limiting their ability to deliver quality healthcare services.


  1. Increased number of patients and safety precautions due to the Covid-19 pandemic creates stressful workplace conditions within the healthcare setting. 
  2. Prolonged exposure to the stressful workplace conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic within the healthcare setting exposes healthcare professionals to a wide range of psychological health problems.
  3. The occurrence of psychological health problems affects their ability to deliver effective care services, thereby affecting patient outcomes measured in terms of quality of care and patient satisfaction.


Systematic review of existing literature materials

  1. e.g. peer-reviewed journals, case studies, and evidence-based articles
  2. Information resources
    1. Online research databases
      1. e.g. PubMed, Science Direct, JSTOR, BioMed Central

Results and Discussion

Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Healthcare Workers

  1. Psychological distress (Conversano, Marchi & Miniati, 2020)
    1. e.g. PTSD among frontline healthcare operators
  2. Increased levels of anxiety and depressive symptoms
    1. tiredness, severe stress, lower levels of perceived control and coping (Pearman et al., 2020)
  3. Prolonged use of N95 and surgical masks associated with adverse effects (Rosner, 2020)
    1. headaches
    1. skin breakdown, acne, rash
    1. impaired mental abilities in healthcare professionals
  4. Work burnout among healthcare providers (Salyers et al., 2017)
    1. emotional exhaustion
    1. low personal achievement
    1. affect quality and safety of healthcare services

Possible Intervention Strategies

  1. Emotional support to contain isolation anxiety (Conversano, Marchi & Miniati, 2020)
  2. Adaptive coping training and cognitive behavioral therapy or support groups (Pearman et al., 2020)
  3. Frequent work breaks, skin care, enhanced hydration and rest, and using more comfortable masks (Rosner, 2020)
  4. Streamline organizational policies, staffing ratios, and communication methods (Salyers et al., 2017)


  1. Devastating implication of Covid-19 pandemic in the healthcare working environment
    1. Psychological health problems
    1. Reduced quality of healthcare services 
  2. Need for improving the health and well-being of healthcare providers during a pandemic
    1. Attending to psychological health and wellbeing of frontline workers  
    1. Promoting conducive workplace environment


Conversano, C., Marchi, L., & Miniati, M. (2020). Psychological distress among healthcare professionals involved in the COVID-19 emergency: Vulnerability and resilience factors. Clinical Neuropsychiatry: Journal of Treatment Evaluation, 17(2), 94–96.

Pearman, A., Hughes, M. L., Smith, E. L., & Neupert, S. D. (2020). Mental Health Challenges of United States Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19. Frontiers in Psychology11, 2065.

Rosner, E. (2020). Adverse effects of prolonged mask use among health care professionals during COVID-19. J Infect Dis Epidemiol6, 130. DOI: 10.23937/2474-3658/1510130

Salyers, M. P., Bonfils, K. A., Luther, L., Firmin, R. L., White, D. A., Adams, E. L., & Rollins, A. L. (2017). The relationship between professional burnout and quality and safety in healthcare: a meta-analysis. Journal of general internal medicine32(4), 475-482.

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