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Program Funding


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As you have seen from the course media, Belize, a small country, has only a few main roads and is largely rural and poor. For Mary Open Doors, raising funds in order to reach target populations is very difficult. Cultural beliefs that discourage a woman from leaving her spouse or partner no matter the situation can also pose barriers to finding funding partnerships.

For this Discussion, review the media Raising Awareness, Raising Funds. Consider potential barriers to generating funds faced by the individuals in this media. Then, use this information to envision how you might seek funding for your health promotion program in your SPP.

Post an explanation of strategies you might use to fund your public health program (SPP). Include in your explanation any potential funders. Then, explain any potential barriers to receiving funding. Finally, explain one strategy for addressing at least one of these potential funding barriers.

SPP: A program to increase blood pressure screening for Latina women ages 30-55 living in Sumter County, SC


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