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Pro and Cons of Social Media Marketing in Finance


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1,200 word minimum per team member excluding References page; it is okay to present more than 1,200 words.
A minimum of 4 sources from the PSU library system; additional research from the PSU library system or other sources is encouraged.  A good place to start is Academic Search Complete.
APA format should be used for citations; report does not have to use APA submission format for text. A References page should be included, but the word count for the References page does not count toward the section word count.
12-point font, single-spaced typed pages, do not indent the first line of each paragraph (use block format).
All claims should be supported with current, credible research.
All borrowed material should be cited in APA format with an in-text and Reference page citation for each.  See the Purdue OWL APA Guide for detailed APA instructions.
Include the URL for all online sources.
The section should be written using the same styles (tone, level of formality, person (1st, 2nd, 3rd) as the other sections of the report (all team members should discuss and decide on the style to be used)
The section should be formatted using options (font, font size, spacing, emphasis (bold, italics, or underlining) that are consistent with the formatting used in the other sections of the final report (before beginning, all team members should discuss and decide on the style to be used; consider developing a template that can be used by all team members).
When developing your References page, please make sure the following is achieved:

All citations listed on your References page are also cited in your text
All in-text and References page citations begin with the same word (or the first author’s last name)
All citations with more than one author are cited completely; each should include the name of the second author if two authors are listed and et al. should be used for sources with more than two authors
Citations are listed in alphabetical order
No bullets or numbers are used to cite the entries
Each line after the first line of each citation is indented five spaces from the left margin (only the first line of each citation should be on the left margin)
Authors’ first names should not be included when citing in APA.
The publication date should be included with all in-text and Reference page citations.

Essay Preview:

There are both pros and cons to using social media marketing in finance. Here are some of the potential benefits and drawbacks to consider:


  • Reach: Social media platforms have a large and diverse user base, which means that you can potentially reach a wide audience with your marketing efforts.

  • Engagement: Social media allows for two-way communication and interaction with your audience, which can help to build brand loyalty and trust.

  • Cost-effective: Many social media marketing strategies can be implemented at a low cost, or even for free.

  • Targeting: Social media platforms offer various targeting options, which can help you to reach the right people with your marketing messages.


  • Time-consuming: Managing a social media presence can be time-consuming, as it requires regular posting, engagement, and monitoring.

  • Negative feedback: Social media platforms can also be a place where customers can leave negative reviews or feedback, which can be challenging to manage.

  • Competition: There is a lot of competition for attention on social media, and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

  • Limited control: As a third-party platform, you have limited control over the algorithms and features that can impact the visibility of your content.

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