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Principles of Marketing & Communications in A Digital World


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Principles of Marketing & Communications in A Digital World

Nutri Hair Dye

The new product is Nutri Hair dye for healthy hair. Currently, many people are applying hair dye to change the color of their hair (França et al., 2015). However, most of the hair dyes lead to hair breakage. The Nutri Hair dye is semi-permanent non-oxidative. It has basic or cationic dyes with low molar mass. Also, it has high affinity of hair keratin and it washes off after more than twenty washes. One important aspect about the hair dye is that during application it does not require oxidation reaction. Hence, it will not harm the hair. Also, Nutri hair dye does not reach the cortex which means that it cannot harm the hair. It has up to 35% of conditioning agents as well as lipids for care.  Nutri hair dye contains a mixture of natural ingredients that help in increasing hair volume. They include natural sunflower seed extract and jojoba. It is thick and easy to mix and allows precise results. It provides great hair results due to its quality ingredients.

Nutri hair dye comes in different colors, they include, blonde, grey, deep brown colors, vibrant reds and purple. The hair dye is fit for different hair types and for different races. We understand that our clients have different hair textures and we want to reach out to every person regardless the race and hair type.

It will be packed in small tubes which will be sold at a reasonable price. The type of packaging materials for hair products is vital. One needs to consider its effect on quality, safety, cost as well as marketing of the products to the target market. In this case, Nutri Hair Dye will be packaged in small tubes that are environmentally friendly.

Market Analysis

Hair dyes are among leading types of cosmetics in the market. In Europe more than 60% of women use hair dyes (European Union, 2016). Europe is a global leader in cosmetic world and it is also involved in exportation of the products. The EU has laid down strict rules that help in ensuring that the products sold are safe. Hair dyes meet strict safety requirements to make sure that there is high level of consumer safety. Despite the strict safety requirements, EU encourages innovation as well as competition in the hair industry. Organizations involved in the manufacturing of cosmetics are tasked with ensuring that their products are safe. They need to undergo strict expert scientific safety assessment prior to being released in the market.

In 2017, the UK hair dye market grew by 0.6%, it brought value sales of £317 million. However, in the coming years the growth may be limited due to the aging population (Fisher, 2018). There is a high possibility of changing relevance of the market. Older consumers go for affordable solutions; therefore, they might stop using hair dyes. Nevertheless, the younger consumers are becoming more engrossed in the use of hair dyes. They are concerned about their hair and for brands to gain loyalty, they need to introducing enough aftercare that help in preventing hair breakage. Most of the companies are investing in temporary and semi-permanent hair due to the rise of natural hair trends.

There are three types of hair dye in the market. They include temporary, semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes (European Union, 2016). The temporary and semi-permanent hair dyes are non-oxidative. Therefore, they do not penetrate in the hair instead they coat it. They can easily be washed out using shampoo. Permanent hair dyes, on the other hand, are oxidative. They are widely used as they account for 70 to 80% of the coloring products in the European cosmetic market. The EU recommends that hair dyes should list the ingredients used in hair dye formulation. Moreover, companies are required to include safety warnings on labels. 


Mainly, women choose hair dyes that match their individual style. Also, they use hair dyes to hide white hair. However, the hair dyes have different chemicals that can be toxic. Hence, women purchase hair dye based on the toxic levels. Some of the leading hair dye brands that have less effect on the hair include, original & mineral (Eluxe Magazine, 2018). It is an Australian brand which is commonly used by top models and celebrities. The brand was one of the first company to manufacture professional grade ammonia, resorcinol and PPD free permanent hair color. Therefore, it is does not cause hair damage or affect scalp and hands. Natulique organic colors is another leading hair dye brand. It is a certified organic, pro-salon range of permanent hair dye (NATULIQUE, 2018). It has diverse hair dye products that enhance natural hair hue. It is manufactured using a blend of organic ingredients. They include natural sunflower seed extract and jojoba, apricot and grapeseed oils. It contains 95% natural products and different essential organic juicy grapefruit and lemon oils. Logona Herbal Hair color crème is another leading hair dye product (Eluxe Magazine, 2018). It includes different semi-permanent hair dyes in powder and cream formulas. It helps in improving the hair and add value.

Strategy for segmentation, targeting, and positioning of the product

Market segmentation

Market segmentation is an important part of an organization’s marketing strategy. A company breaks down a larger target market into smaller groups of customers (Winston et al., 2013).  The following factors define the environment that Flavored Nutri Curd hopes to succeed.

Demographic Variables

Demographic variables refer characteristics of the population to assist in understanding the needs and purchasing behavior (Winston et al., 2013). For instance, age, gender as well as race. The variables can be easily assessed. Organizations are able to understand the type of population that they are targeting. It helps the company to develop the product based on the needs and wants of the targeted group. In this case, targeted demographic includes individuals aged from 18-45 years. Most of young women use hair dyes to match their style (European Union, 2016). Therefore, the main target includes young women.

Customer Behavior

The main target market for the Nutri Hair dye includes women who have different hair types and from diverse races. More than 60% of women in the UK use hair dye. They mostly use hair dye to match their style as well as mask grey hair (European Union, 2016).  However, clients are concerned about the toxic ingredients in the hair products. In this case, companies are required to follow strict requirements to make sure that they are not harmful to individuals.

Product positioning

The idea of product positioning aims at putting a product in a certain position in the minds of prospective consumers. Marketers utilize positioning strategy to differentiate their products from those of competitors (Boone & Kurtz, 2015). Positioning is also used to create a promotion that communicates the needed position. To attain the goal of positioning marketers, follow various strategies. For instance, they position the products based on attributes, price/quality, competitors, product user, product class, and application. Nutri Hair Dye is gentle on hair and leads to quality results. Also, we believe that our clients’ health is our priority. Therefore, the Nutri Hair Dye contains 40% natural ingredients. Some of the main ingredients include sunflower oil and jojoba oil. Mainly, people use hair dye that has artificial hair products, however, they can now enjoy hair dye that contains natural ingredients.   

The packaging of the product also makes it unique. It will be packaged in small tubes which will make it affordable. Also, the tubes will be made of environmentally friendly material. The products will be advertised through social media and the local media houses. Social media is popular among young people; therefore, it is a great medium of advertising the Nutri Hair Dye.

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is used by companies to promote their products in the market. It was introduced by Borden; however, organizations use McCarthy’s 4ps classification (Donovan& Henley, 2010). It includes product, price, place, and promotion. A marketing mix is important as it will assist in setting actions that will be used in selling the flavored Nutri Curd.


The product is the goods and services a company offers to the consumers. Apart from the physical elements of the product, there are elements associated to the product that clients may be attracted to, for instance, the packaging of the product (Ehmke et al., n.d.). Other elements of the products that are important to a consumer include quality, warranties, brand name, and features. The product’s appearance, function, as well as support makes up what the client is purchasing. It is important for a company to pay close attention to the needs of the products for the clients. It should meet all the needs of the target market. In this case, a company should perform a market research when introducing a new product so as to understand the consumers’ needs. Another important aspect is that organizations need to focus on the long-term aims. It can consider how it can deepen and broaden the product market. For instance, it can take advantage of the opportunity to add value to the product by packaging and processing.

In this case, the Nutri Hair Dye is a new product in the market. Therefore, one thing that we will consider is its quality. Its main target market is the people the women who have different hair types and different races. Nutri hair dye is made with quality natural products. It has low toxic level and leads to increased hair volume. Nutri hair dye does not lead to hair breakage and being semi-permanent it does not penetrate the hair.   Also, the Nutri hair dye it helps in creating stronger hair and with natural texture. Our products tend to have long-term benefits for our clients.

Apart from containing natural products, Nutri Hair dye is packaged in unique tubes that are easy to use. They are properly sealed to avoid any leakage.


Price is another important element in the marketing mix. Determining the product’s price can be sensitive (Ehmke et al., n.d.). Most of the small organizations assume that to attract clients they need to have the lowest price. Nevertheless, some clients may assume that the low prices are due to the poor quality of the product. Hence, there are high chances of consumers not purchasing the product. Also, if the price is too high clients might not buy the product. It is important to consider various factors when pricing a product. First, an organization should consider its target market. Also, it needs to consider the prices in the market. In this case, it should not price its product too high or too low compared to the market prices.  

Nutri Hair dye is a new product in the market. Mainly, most people use permanent hair dyes compared to semi-permanent.  Comparing some of the price of most of the hair dye in the market, it is evident that they sale at £15 to £30 (My supermarket, 2018). Therefore, Nutri Hair Dye is a new product and it is important to consider different elements when pricing it. Hence, the Nutri Hair Dye will be sold based on its quality. It will be sold between £17 and £34.5.  It is a fair price for the Nutri Hair Dye. The prices are also based on the quantity of the product.


Promotions are a significant part of advertising products in the market. It is the way companies let individuals know about the products. The aim of the promotion is to let individuals understand the product and its purpose (Ehmke et al., n.d.). Organizations are required to ensure that the target market understands that the product meets their needs. Also, it helps companies to raise awareness about their products. It is important to make sure that the promotions contain clear messages. Also, the message should be consistent with the marketing image. It will help in getting the attention of the target market. There are various channels for promoting a product. They include social media, television and print channel.

Various channels of promotions will be used in promoting the Nutri Hair Dye. Social media will be used as one of the main promotion channels. It will help in reaching out to a large number of individuals. We will also use fliers which will be given to people on the streets of England. This will enable the organization to reach out to a huge number of individuals. Another important channel of promotion that will be used is the local television stations.


Place is another important element of the marketing mix. It is the distribution channels utilized by the organization to get the product to the consumers (Ehmke et al., n.d.). In this case, the Nutri Hair Dye will be distributed through retail shops and cosmetic shops. We will consider retail sales that are located on busy streets. Also, it will be distributed through direct sales. In this case, the clients can order the Nutri Hair Dye through the company’s website. Then, the products will be delivered to their doorsteps. The method is effective as it is a new product and there is no huge production. We will also have beauty shops that will be located on busy streets. It will allow the salesperson to create awareness about the product. They will have a chance to interact with the consumers. Organizations are required to ensure that the target market understands that the product meets their needs. Also, it helps companies to raise awareness about their products.


Nutri Hair Dye is a new product in the market. It is manufactured using 40% of natural ingredients. The Nutri Hair dye is semi-permanent non-oxidative. It has basic or cationic dyes with low molar mass. Also, it has high affinity of hair keratin and it washes off after more than twenty washes. The main target market is women with different hair types and from diverse races. Nutri hair dye comes in different colors, they include, blonde, grey, deep brown colors, vibrant reds and purple. Various factors will be considered when introducing the product to the market. Some of the factors include competition and market positioning. There is high competition in the market. Other factors that will be considered include pricing of the Nutri Hair dye and the distribution channels. It is a quality product hence; the pricing will be fair.


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