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Primary Health Care In A Global Context


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Course Objectives measured

1. Identify, evaluate and apply the philosophy and principles of primary health care as outlined by the World Health Organisation, as a fundamental approach to holistic nursing care.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of how determinants of health such as equity and social justice and the epidemiology of health and disease across different population groups.

3. Critically analyse the significance to nursing practice of (i) the social determinants of health (ii) the health impacts of climate change and environmental degradation; (iii) availability, accessibility, acceptability, affordability and cultural appropriateness of health service provision. 

Task Detail

Primary Health Care (PHC) is the broad term that includes the concepts of the principles of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the approaches to health policy and service provision to both individuals via Primary Care and to populations through Public Health.  

To complete this task you are required to write an academic essay that addresses the following:

Select one current key strategy in the National PHC Strategic Framework and relate this to one (1 only) public health issue in Australia.

Discuss how equity and social justice, the social determinants of health, are addressed in your chosen strategy.

Research and interpret the associated epidemiological factors relevant to the health issue and summarise these, with reference to the evidence. 

Evaluate your chosen strategy’s alignment to the WHO 5 key Principles of Primary Health Care explaining which of the five it aligns to and how/ why. 

Reflect on the relevance of the chosen PHC strategy to nursing practice, considering roles and responsibilities.

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