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Prevention of impaired driving


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The public health topic to be used for the Public Health Policy Analysis is

  • Prevention of impaired driving

You must choose one particular state and develop your Policy Analysis on this topic (as described and illustrated in Chapter 14 of the course textbook) for a client of your choice at the state level.

I only have a few final words of advice on the final project:

Use the document in Doc Sharing entitled FINAL PROJECT: Policy Analysis Outline and Guidance as a framework for your paper.

Be sure your paper has five sections that correspond to the five essential components of a policy analysis as described in the course resources.  You would be wise to use the names of those components as your five subheadings.  For clear descriptions and examples of how to fully and properly develop each of the five components, Chapter 14 of the Teitelbaum and Wilensky textbook is the essential resource.

Be sure your paper is compliant with APA formatting requirements.  (NOTE: there is no need for your paper to have an Abstract or a Running Head.)  

       Be concise.  Quantity is not quality; project should be no more than 15 double spaced pages.     Irrelevant material will not earn you credit.  And I will return papers that are not double spaced.

       Very carefully review the rubric and be sure you meet all of the requirements outlined there.  

Submit your project on time.  There will be no extensions granted (except for appropriately documented emergencies.)

Week 10: Public Health Preparedness Policy

Here is the link to the textbook just copy and paste