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Prevalent Patient Problem


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Propose a plan, referencing relevant existing and newly created processes, to implement an intervention to improve quality and safety, and reduce costs in the context of a chosen health problem. 

Introduce a general summary of the project plan that you will be exploring. 

Provide a brief context for the project plan.  

Identify the specific intervention you are proposing.

Describe how this plan will improve quality, increase safety, and reduce costs associated with this health problem.

Identify collaborators who will implement your plan.

Discuss how you propose to implement your plan.

Analyze technology within a chosen health care practice context to support a proposed plan.  

Compare and contrast the authors you will cite regarding the impact of technology for this health concern, discussing pros and cons of the technology you are reading about. 

Note whether the authors provide supporting evidence from the literature about this technology that is consistent with technology you see in your nursing practice.

Include discussion from the literature on barriers to use of this technology and how it is applied in the context of this patient or population problem. 

Describe research studies that present opposing views regarding this technology. 

Explain the ways in which existing governmental or organizational policies could impact the proposed plan. 

Cite authors who have written about specific governmental or organizational policies for nurses to follow when planning care for this patient population. 

Discuss research that has tested the effectiveness of these governmental or organizational policies in improving patient or population outcomes for this health problem. 

Describe current literature on the role of nurses in policy making to improve outcomes, prevent illness, and reduce hospital readmissions. 

Discuss how the literature characterizes ways in which your role as a nurse leader can help change governmental or organizational policies to improve patient outcomes. 

Explain strategies for communicating and collaborating to improve health outcomes with patients and interprofessional teams. 

Identify the key stakeholders in your clinical practicum environment, including patients, with whom you plan to communicate. 

Describe any surprising experiences you have had while enlisting support and gathering stakeholder input on needed behavioral or educational changes in this patient or population to address the identified health concern.

Discuss the benefits of gathering stakeholder input to improve care for this patient or population. 

Identify best-practice strategies from the literature for effective communication and collaboration to improve patient outcomes in this clinical practicum.

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