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Presidency (including bureaucracy/executive branch)


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On the day of the final exam, I will draw one of the following three institutions

1.  Congress

2.  Presidency (including bureaucracy/executive branch)

3.  Judiciary

You will be expected to write a detailed 5 paragraph essay making the argument that the chosen institution serves the American democracy well or fails to serve the American democracy well.  You can choose which side of the argument to be on – but in either case, you will need to define the criteria for your judgment (what values are important in the American democracy) and go into detail for how that particular institution helps or hinders those values.  Which ever side of the argument you decide to take, I expect your final paragraph to offer suggestions for how the institution can improve (nothing is perfect, even those things that work well).  These suggestions should be well thought out and you should explain how they improve the ability of the institution to meet the values you are using as your criteria for a well functioning democracy.

Write a five parapgraph essay for each instituation. Read the description above on how and what to write the paper on.