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Presentation planning for Blizzard


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Presentation planning for Blizzard

Target audience

The target audience in this presentation will be high school finalists who are preparing themselves to pursue their education in various tertiary institutions. This target audience is important due to the fact that most of them tends to find themselves in a quagmire concerning the possible career paths that they can pursue in colleges and universities after they are through with their high school education. Apparently when they are guided on how to chose for their career, they tend to easily manage to make informed decisions concerning why each should pursue a given career and not another one based on his or her academic capabilities. For example, if a student is poor in mathematics, this presentation will help him or her concerning the best career choice that he or she can pursue (he should not focus on pursuing degree programs that entail a lot of calculations, such as accounting). Most high school finalists tend to be influenced by their peers concerning the programs that they select to pursue in colleges and universities rather than being guided by the passion and academic capabilities. In the long run, when such students proceed to pursue the careers that they chose based on peer influence, most of them end up being expelled due to poor performance, drop the degree program to another one when they have already gone half-way, while others who are bold enough to complete such a program do not enjoy working in various stations that they happen to be posted to since they never had the passion of pursuing such a program. I have experienced a number of students who have dropped their initial program for another one soon after being admitted in the university. in the presentation I will also advise the students concerning the minimum entry points to a public university, as well as the cluster points that are required for each of the degree programs that they may wish to pursue. This will sensitize the students to work extra hard in their academics in order to not only manage to be admitted in public universities, but also to meet the cut off points for the degree programs that they intend to pursue.

Degree program

I will pursue a bachelor of game art and design degree. This program makes use of art and animation techniques in order to generate designs for specific platforms and designs. In this program, students develop a portfolio of industry appropriate representations of their talent. Other core courses in this program are not limited to character modelling, color theory, interactive design, game development, map modeling, digital design scripting, and 3D game scripting. After completing this program, one can become a game designer, animator, lead artist, game play tester, among others. Through this course I have learnt that the talent of a person plays a fundamental role as far as successful completion of a program is concerned.

Flow of ideas

In order to win the attention of the targeted audience, I will start my presentation by describing myself in terms of my name, where I come from, and giving them reasons concerning why I want to pursue the bachelors degree of game art and design. In addition, I will try to relate my predicament with that of my audience, especially by stating that I also faced challenges in choosing my career just the same way most of them are going through. Precisely, I was in a dilemma between the bachelors degree in game art and design and accounting, and I had gone to the extent of being convinced concerning the importance of pursuing the latter due to the anticipated returns and reputation that it entails once an individual happens to complete this program. On the other hand, I was talented in art work, and I knew that if I happen to be oriented a little bit by pursuing the game art and design degree, I would emerge being one of the best artists in the world, and I would always be working with passion. However, I managed to made an informed decision of pursuing the bachelors degree in game art and design after our school invited a career advisor and a motivational speak to come and advise us concerning how to chose a career as well as how to handle the final examination. Precisely, we were advised concerning the importance of choosing a career that one is talented and passionate about, and not based on peer influence. It is at this point I evaluated myself in terms of my weaknesses and capabilities, after which I made my final decision. Similarly, I do contemplate that most of you are experiencing the same challenges, and through this presentation, you will manage to made an informed decision concerning your career choice. In addition, this presentation will orient you concerning what the world needs from fresh graduates in order for them to manage to achieve a competitive edge, especially due to the fact that the scramble for limited resources such as employment opportunities has increased more than ever before.