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Practical Applications Essay


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Practical Applications

Part A

What I would like to be developed is my cyber in such a way that I can embrace the use of wireless network rather than the cable network that is currently being used. I always want to not only meet the needs of my clients but also to exceed their expectations by offering unique services. Developing this feature would help my clients to roam without losing connection, even if they happen to move around the room with the computers or mobile phones that they might be using. In addition, this development would help in improving responsiveness especially due to the fact that my clients can manage to connect to the information that they need when they need it (Mišić, Mišić & Wiley InterScience, 2008). They will not be forced to wait until they sit to a computer that is connected to a wired network in order to surf, but can do it immediately after coming to the cyber. In addition, the development will provide better access to information even in connect hard to reach areas. This is due to the fact that wireless LANS allows a business to bring network access even in remote areas that would be challenging to connect to a wired network. In addition, wireless network facilitates guest access especially when they happen to visit the premise.

Apparently, I foresee a number of challenges in this development. For example, the wireless network tends to be susceptible to radiation and radio signals and these aspects makes it to be less effective. In addition, the wireless network tends to have a limited coverage, and when a large number of users are using it, its speed tends to be low. This means that the users will be forced to wait long before they get access to the information that they can be searching. In addition, through this development, individuals in close proximity to my cyber can as well use the network, and this may be a major challenge in terms of the security of encrypted information and hacking. In addition, the development may end up being expensive, especially due to the fact that wireless networks are sometimes more than four times costly compared to wired networks.

Part B

I strongly like your idea of developing an application that can power on and off every appliance and electric device in your house. This is due to the fact that such an application can greatly help in saving energy and time that individuals always use in switching on and off most of these appliances. However, while developing this application, you need to take into consideration the aspect of selectivity, in such a way that the application can manage to switch on and off the electronics that you command them to, as opposed to when commanding to either switch on or off would mean all appliances or electronics.

Part C

I strongly think that this can be the best development that entrepreneurs who operate cyber and printing businesses should embrace. Printouts from low ink is one of the major issues that make these business people to lose clients. I always say that customers are valuable assets that an entrepreneur can focus on to not only meet their needs but also exceed their expectations.  I also agree with your argument that the modification may be costly in terms of the extra hardware required. However, there is no need to worry about this, since there is a guarantee that the final product (printouts) would be of high quality.


Mišić, J., Mišić, V. B., & Wiley InterScience (Online service). (2008). Wireless personal area networks: Performance, interconnections and security with IEEE 802.15.4. Chichester, England: Wiley.



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