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Positive Critical Transformation among Underserved Groups


Positive Critical Transformation among Underserved Groups

The three articles focus on public health issues facing the African Americans, Hispanics and other minority groups. For a long time, the minority groups have been facing discrimination in the face of the law. For instance, as noted by (Gilbert, and Ray 80), the blacks have 21 times the likelihood of being killed by police as opposed to the whites. Consequently, due to stress brought about discrimination and living in a highly policed neighbourhood, the primary cause of death for African Americas is either intentional injury or homicide. Many African American are vulnerable to deteriorating health contributing to a higher likelihood of early mortality.

Further studies reveal that there is a high prevalence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among the Hispanic but lower Mexican Americans population leading to high dependency on drugs (Akom 82). Besides, Latinos exposed to trauma are likely to develop severe PTSD symptoms. (Ehlers et al. 833) argues that African American racial discrimination remains a significant inequality base that controls socioeconomic status. Neighbourhoods inhabited by African Americans are connected with forms of mortality including infant mortality, poor mental health, cardiovascular diseases and low birth weight(Ehlers et al. 833).  Environmental health is mainly an issue of concern in areas such as California where children are exposed to poor air quality due to overcrowding.

These reading bring a clear picture that a lot needs to be done to improve the lives of Latinos, Hispanic, African Americans, Mexican Americans and other minority groups. The reading shows that there is need for reducing social biases, making legal remedies for preventing abuse of power, gender and race consciousness, equitable resources distribution and forming acts for preventing police discrimination of the minority groups. By understanding the major causes of deaths among the Mexican Americans and other underserved groups, it is possible to come up with positive critical changes to the Justice system.

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