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Politics Of Opposition


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Watch this week’s videos and read the assignments in preparation for this discussion.

Republicans have been undermining the ACA and oppose various Medicare-for-all proposals. In addition to party politics and differences, sections of the healthcare industry oppose certain changes in the Medicare-for-all options.

Using 500-750 words, write an initial post that describes the political alliances and positions by party and in the industry. In your analysis, include the financial arguments and the political/ideological arguments about the role of government versus the private sector changes that are intended to increase coverage. You must reference the KFF comparison of proposals.


Harvard School Public Health Lectures:

  • Register for the free Harvard course, United States Health Policy.
  • Follow the links to register and enroll as a student for this course.
  • Select “View Archived Course.”
  • Scroll down to see a list of sessions and topics listed under each session.
  • Open Session 2.1: Medicare Parts A and B.
  • Watch the videos in Topics 1–5 under Session 2.1.
  • Open Session 2.2: Medicare Parts C and D.
  • Watch the videos in Topics 1–6 under Session 2.2.

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