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Pierre Bourdieu Article Analysis


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Pierre Bourdieu Article Analysis


The article by Pierre Bourdieu focuses on the aspects of culture by dividing it into two parts. Thefirst part gives a distinction of the cultural goods. The author describes the production and consumption of cultural goods as well as the cultural practices that are shaped by upbringing and education(Bourdieu, P. 1984, 467). The second part focuses on the aristocracy of culture by emphasizing on the esthetic disposition of culture. On the other hand, Brunsdonand Winship’s article hasa well-defined introduction and a thesis statement. It is an analysis paper as the writer uses the first person in many instances on the understanding of small-ethnographic studies. The author addresses the erection of satellite dish aerials, audience practice, and the taste wars.


Brunsdon and Winship’sarticle has a clear introduction and a thesis statement outlining the main focus of the article. In addition, it uses case studies as evidence. On the contrary, Pierre Bourdieu’s paper does not have an introduction but it is divided into two parts each discussing a different item(Bourdieu, P.1984, 467).


Pierre Bourdieu’s article Cleary describes the aspects of culture and cultural goods. The author divides it into two parts each handling a different item to allow exhaustion of each subtopic. He expands his description of cultural goods with the lives of people(Bourdieu, P.1984, 468).On the contrary, Brunsdon and Winship’s article explains the manner in which the author wants to go on the paper in the introduction by giving reasons for every move. For instance, the socialand public British space enables the author to argue on spatialization of the British broadcasting policy.

Comparison of the readings

The reading by Pierre is separated into two sections each addressing a different aspect of culture. On the other hand, Brunsdon and Winship’sarticle has an introduction where the author gives the procedure of handling the paper. It focuses on the spats of erecting satellite dishes.

Objections of the readings

Pierre’s paper should have an introduction and a thesis statement to guide the readers on the article. The flow of the sections should be linked not to lose the subject matter. Brunsdon and Winship’sarticle uses the first person to express ideas that can make the reader take them as personal opinions rather than evidence-based.

Questions on conclusion

Pierre’s article conclusion is evidence-based and handles the main argument of the paper to make the inferences. On the contrary, Brunsdon and Winship’s article concludes the paper on personal opinions of the author rather than evidence-based facts(Brunsdon, C. and Winship, J. 1991, 150).

Own experience

My experience on the matter has been similar to that of Pierre Bourdieu as the cultural practices and preferences in literature are linked to the educational levels. The classrooms, culture, artwork and music are some of the modes that have been vital in acquisition of culture.

Current Affairs

Pierre’s article ids updated on the current affairs of culture as the author discusses the current hierarchy of cultural goods consumers such as the schools. The modes of acquisition of culture described by the author are current.However,Brunsdon and Winship’s article does not focus on the current affair in the media studies as the minor spats on the erection of satellite dish aerials are outdated.


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