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Physical Education and Academic Performance


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Physical Education and Academic Performance

Perception of physical education

            Physical education, commonly known as PE in educational institutions is progression offered in learning institutions focusing on the enlargement of bodily fitness and the ability to perform and enjoy daily bodily activities. The learners also are facilitated to acquire and develop a variety of skills which necessitate participation in a variety of events which organize them to become mentally, physically and psychologically fit and active as well as healthy from childhood, middle age, all the way to maturity.

Classes of Physical education impart benefits of health in even workout and vigorous choices on the kind of foods as well as the dangers of dormancy and pitiable addition to that, Physical education aids scholars advance societal abilities such respect, team work, socialization amongst other social goals. Physical education enables learners advance corporeal talents and confidence like catching, running, striking as well as throwing

Physical education and academic performance

            Regular physical activities amongst the learner especially during the youth time enables the individual learners have strong bones, improvement of fortitude as well as strength, reduction of anxiety as well as stress and decreases the risks of obesity. Moreover, the physical education carried out ion learning institutions improves self-esteem as the learners interact freely thus reducing depression feelings due to reduction of cholesterol levels which may lead to illnesses such as blood pressure amongst the individuals.

A lot of energy is acquired by carrying physical activities in physical education offered in learning institutions. This energy is transferred to the books and as a result desired results are achieved by the learners especially who actively participate in these events. Due to the interactions by the people of different cultural backgrounds, the learners are exposed to wide practices which enable their better life skills application in whiting their tests and as a result good grades. 

            Additionally, physical education in learning institutions provides improved attention in the classrooms, increased concentration during learning since the mind is freshened by the exercises done during the physical a consequence, it leads to better retention of knowledge and as a result good grades when a test is provided for the learners at the end of teaching activity by the facilitator.

 However, physical education is also perceived to have a negative impact on the academic performance in a number of ways; that the learners are exposed to tidies activities such that their minds cannot retain anything more especially when it comes to academics and thus renting poor results in the tests offered in classrooms. This counteracts the effects of freshening the mind as perceived the majority of the learners. Actually, this take can only be associated to the lazy learners.

Another negative impact on physical education as perceived by different scholars is is taken that the physical actions carried out during the physical education to some extent leads to addiction amongst the learners such that they develop a leading desire to continued physical activities and spend much of their time in physical activities  than in curriculum associated activities.


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