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Photography Product and Services Business Plan Homework Help


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Product and Services
Subject photography will focus on all types of photography including special events, fine art and portraiture photography. The company will assist every client look their best. It will ensure that the photos are up to date. All our clients’ special moments will be captured. The company is focused on preserving our clients’ memories by offering them the best services. Every individual photo session is handled with utmost professionalism. The company will use high resolution technology to take the pictures. Therefore, ensuring that the clients get the best products. Another area that the company will concentrate on is offering our clients great customer services. The physical studio is spacious and fun, ensuring that our clients enjoy their visit.
Product description
Baby pictures
The organization will offer different products including baby pictures. There are various props that will help make the photo session enjoyable and fun. Babies will be made comfortable and our photographers will ensure that the family gets best services.
Family portrait
Another product that will be offered is family portraits. The company will stock on props that will make the family photos beautiful and memorable. We will work with our clients to ensure that their vision is achieved.
Individual portrait
Also, we will offer individual portraits as well as model’s portfolio. Wedding album is another product that we will offer. We will arrange the pictures in a manner that they will tell a memorable story.
Location photography
Our business will also offer professional location photography. We will work with businesses as well as individuals across Cardiff. We will produce images that promote individuals, products, and services. The images can be used for social media campaigns or individual purposes. They can also be utilized for websites. Our company will focus on people, events and products. Location photography will target business and private clients.
Studio Portraits
Studio portrait is another product that our company will offer. The session will last 1hr 30mins and our target clients include families, individual, and children. We also aim to work with actors and offer professional headshots. Our clients will be offered 6 images and they will be involved in the selection process. However, in case one needs more images they will be required to pay more. They images will be supplied digitally and in print form.
Passport Photos
Our business will also offer passport photos services. We will work closely with our clients to offer them premium passport photo. One factor that makes our product premium is the use of professional studio lighting. Our professional photographer will ensure that our clients are not disappointed with our work.
Our business will also work with clients who wants their photos retouched. Our offers will include removing blemishes and distracting elements. Additionally, we will offer beauty retouching.
Apart from offering great images our company will ensure that you have a great home display. After our clients choose their preferred images, they can book us to create unique frames at their homes. We will offer a wide range of beautiful frames that will create great arts at our clients’ homes. One of the products we will offer is gallery which will include a combination of colours as well as texture. The frame will offer a great and calming look due to combination of diverse textures. Another frame we will offer is metro which make sure that your photos are the focus. It is a modern frame that offers 3D effect to your photos. The company will ensure that our clients have a cool way of displaying their images. They will have innovative and stylish frame that will help our customers tell a story. It will be made of moveable acrylic blocks that can be restyled whenever necessary.
One of our aims is to work closely with the clients to ensure that their dreams are transferred to the pictures. We will capture family memories by arranging yearly family portrait. Also, we will focus on creating memorable individual albums where we will arrange yearly individual photos in an album.
Our company understand clients’ needs therefore; we will invest in current technology to ensure that they get quality images. We will use intelligent technology to improve our picture quality. One of the technologies that we will use is the digital holography. It is an image processing technology that enhances the holographic image. For instance, it improves the image through holographic image which is generated through computer. Also, it enhances through computer controlled direct exposure technology.
Digital holography technology utilizes the digital record as well as image display technology. Therefore, a photographer does not have to go through complicated physical and chemical procedures that are found on the optical holography. It has huge impact on the work efficiency, and it is convenient. The digital holography has enhanced working effectiveness. Photographic technology and phase-shift technology together with technology used in computer digital reduction can minimize the use of light transmission. Additionally, the process helps in conjugating a good image. Digital holography has been of great help in obtaining high quality images.
In this case, our company will use this technology to create great images for our clients. We will focus on developing artistic photographs that can be used to decorate their houses. Our company understands that not all clients will appreciate the art work, hence, they will be offered a chance to choose whether they want images processed using the holographic technology. We aim at including the clients in the entire process to make sure that we deliver their vision.
Another technology we will use is high-speed photograph technology. In this case, we will invest in high-speed camera that will enable us to capture the moment. Mainly, the camera helps in slowing the movement which enables creation of a unique artistic charm (Zhang, 2018). The technology will help in shooting falling objects to create an artistic effect. For instance, it can be utilized to shoot water droplets. The images shot with the technology can be used as wall hangings to revolutionize a client’s home. We understand our clients’ needs hence, creating artistic images is one way of fulfilling their vision.
Slow photograph is another technology that we will use to create artistic images for our clients. As a company we believe in our clients’ vision, therefore, we strive to ensure that it is achieved (Zhang, 2018). The technology will be used to shoot a moving object. It will create a great effect that will change the customers’ image. The technology will create a virtual reality effect. It will be used to shoot moving images. Mainly, it will be utilized to shoot commercial images. For instance, when a client wants their image taken while running, the technology will help in creating an intense effect. Apart from commercials, an individual can also request for photos using the technology and use them as wall hangings.
3D image shooting is another technology that our company will use to enhance our clients’ images. The technology is different from traditional photography as it creates high quality artistic images (Zhang, 2018). The 3D technology will be used to shoot outdoor photos as it uses natural lighting. Our clients will be offered a chance to choose a location, we also have different outdoor locations that a client can choose from. However, they will be required to pay for the location. The images can as well be used as wall hangings.
Our innovative approach differentiates us from other photo studios. We provide added value photos that helps us retain our clients and attract new ones. We also make our photos easy to share, whereby, our customers can share with their family and friends. Our company ensures that the images do not loose quality while sharing by using great technology to create them. Our computers will be loaded with software used for image manipulation. One of the software used is Adobe Photoshop which will help create artistic photos for our clients. We will also make sure that our equipment are well maintained so that we can offer our clients great services. We will also backup our clients images, hence, incase one looses their images, they can be produced at a fee.
Our clients will be made comfortable when they visit our studio. They will have a well-equipped waiting bay with comfortable seats. Children will be offered toys to play with as they wait for their turn. Moreover, we will ensure that we save time and make sure that clients do not wait for long. Our photo sessions will include a specified time and in case clients do not make it on time they will have to reschedule their photo session and pay additional fee. This will make sure that we do not waste time.
Competitive comparison
There are various professional photo studios in Cardiff. The city is among Europe’s youngest capital cities. It has amazing attractions and a great destination for any person looking for a place to relax (Richardson, 2020). The city is a great tourist attraction and it was voted as one of the best places to visit due to different attractions. It is a great place for outdoor photography.
Barrett and Coe Cardiff is among photo studios located in Cardiff. It is owned and managed by Bernie Ramsay in 2012. Its services include baby pictures, pet, family and commercial photography (Barrett & Coe Cardiff, 2020). It is fully equipped with latest technology to ensure that their clients get the best images. Bernie, the owner, is an award-winning photographer. He has won various awards and his talent as well as achievements are well celebrated. He has won different entries in Baby of the month competition. Bernie works alongside Sara who is also a talented photographer. She is a qualified photographer as she has certification from British Institute of Professional Photography. Also, she has certification from Master Photographers Association. Both Bernie and Sara are dedicated towards ensuring that their clients’ moments are well captured. Some of the service offered by the company has include pregnancy bump, Pet, family and generation, wedding and commercial.
Venture Studios is another photography studio in the UK. Photographers working for the business have different character and passion and they utilize this to create great stories for their clients (Venture Studio, 2020). Their workers have skills to create great images that tells a customer’s story. One unique aspect of the company is that it is dedicated towards taking best photos for their clients. They strive to understand their clients’ needs. Their services include pet, family, children, baby, new born and pregnancy photography.
Magenta Studios is another photography studio in Cardiff. It focuses on product photography (Magenta, 2020). It has over fourteen years of experience and their employees have great experience in photography. They understand creative process which helps them create images that sell. The company works with advertising companies to generate captivating advertisements. They ensure that their clients get quality products. Their services include set building photography, CGI product photography, image retouching and packshot photography.
Photography business in Cardiff has continued to grow over the years. There is strong and lasting attraction that photography has for people. There has been growth in organized photography a factor that has revolutionized the industry (Richardson, 2020). The sector has presented consistency over the years. Although, there have been periods where the industry has experienced negative effect, it continues to strive.
Our company is dedicated towards giving our clients great experience as well as quality photos. Although there is great competition from both individual photographers and companies, we strive to remain relevant in the industry. We will ensure that our team works together to provide quality services. We plan to expand the range of services offered as our company grows. We will invest in quality equipment that will enable us to attain our vision. Some of the services that we will venture into include wedding photography and baby bump. The company will also venture into birthday photography as one of the packages offered. Our services are meant to revolutionize the photography industry in the UK. We also plan to work with creative team that will help in creating great stories for our clients.

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