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Petroleum Engineering Degree Admission Essay


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Reasons for Taking Degree in Petroleum Engineering

I am a Hispanic and I have decided to venture into petroleum engineering field because of various pressures emanating from my professional and personal life. First, I have realized that it is this ground I can get an opportunity to improve the world thus making it better and friendly to community members. For instance, I have observed that most of the current industries, as well as locomotive machines, are using petroleum products emitting gases that are negatively affecting human health. Based on the above aspect, I want to find a way of reducing these harmful gases hence improving health condition in our environment.

Moreover, this course will help to learn to think like an engineer, which is, always having a creative and innovative mind. Since this course requires lots of concentration I will acquire critical analysis and logical thinking skills and my decision-making expertise will also get improved. Correspondingly, this course will enable me to be less emotional but become more objective during the field work.

Furthermore, I have realized that petroleum engineering is among fields which have a future. This argument is based on the aspect that there is notable aggressive and excessive use of petroleum products all over the world, a thing which seems to cease in the near future. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that the job growth within this industry will rise to 17 percent by 2020. Similarly, petroleum engineers can also get a job in the mining industries, too. While summing up, I have also discovered that industry is highly paying. Evidently, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has indicated that petroleum engineers get an average of about $138,980 in every year. Indeed, I have a passion for petroleum engineering career and profession.