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Persuasion Essay


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Persuasion Essay
Stage one: The critiques written in activity 4
I concur with the Celia Milnes statement that media has been influential to many women in relations to behaviors and body modification are concerned. Majority of women wonder what they can do in order to have an ideal body. Apparently, the solution to this statement has been primarily on the media. Precisely, television sets, magazines and posters do not only provide women with ideal body images, but also how to achieve them (Celia 4). Moreover, Celia also stipulated that the demand for these forms of media has greatly increased in the recent past primarily due to the interest of women to copy pattern or imitate celebrities ideal body images. Precisely, majority of women covet the hairstyles, dressing codes, body sizes, complexion among other attributes that they see from media personalities. Actually, most women are embracing self-creation in order to suit the taste of the present day culture.
Additionally, Celia has highlighted that the increasing trend of women on the constant lookout of information and updating their appearance based on what they see in the media is a major source of their physical and psychological stress. Precisely, when women fails to achieve the ideal body images that they see or copy from media personalities, they develop physical and psychological stress.

Stage Two: A draft Essay
 The media is an interesting tool; it can convey excitement, self-improvement, scholarly learning, data, and an assortment of other positive impcts; notwithstanding, in spit of its advances for the benfit of our general publi is has a specific flaw in its body that objectives young ladies.
 This flaws is found in the unreasonable self-perceptions that it presents, and the adverse technique for conveyance that powers its crowd into intrigu and participaton. Ladies are assaulted with mesages from each medium source to change their bodies, purchase explicit items and modify their body images into ideal ones.
 Thesis statement: I support the statement that unrealistic body image presented by media has been a source of physical and psychological stress among women.
1st point
The societys ideal body image has been a source of physical and emotional stress among women.  The unreasonable self-perceptions introduced in the media advance physical and mental illnesses among ladies. For instance, in many societies, ladies were being exposed to various monstosities by male centric social orders, and this exposures and encounters adversely ifluenced their physical and enthusiastic wellbeing.  Socieeties where female circumcision was one of the social requests, ladies were accepted to be frail and unequipped for controlling their sexual wants and that is the reason they were being exposed to this training. It is significant that it was acceptted female circumcision helped in decreasing the sexual desire among ladies. Nonetheless, the training was required and it adversely ifluenced the physical and mental soudness of ladies who were compellingly being exposed to it.  Young girls are trained and educated by more seasoned ladies who viewed themselves as to have aced the specialty of doing it, and thinking about that the apparatuses that were being utilized were not being disinfected, the danger of transmitting irresistible sicknesses starting with one individual then onto the next was high. Sound ladies would procure explicitly transmitted diseases from the training, and this extraordinarily influenced they physical and passionate wellbeing. 2nd point-the inferiority complex is also propagated by women themselves  Also, the feeling of inadequacy among ladies was being executed by ladies themselves. For instance, young ladies were permited to have littl contact with men outside their families and were relied upon to conceal their bodies from general visibility.  The training additionally showed ladies as flimsir creatures who can’t figure out how to control themselves particularly amidst the male partners. The portrayal or the impression of ladies in these circumstances by the general public fonded a culture that ladies are mediocre from the begin, to the degree that they disguise that they are second rate in whatever they attempt.  The young girls get little training and are obliged to financially and politically rely upon their male partners. This makes ladies to stay agreeable of their physical bodies to the directs of the social standards. 3rd point-Social orders influence womens desire to attain ideal bodies
 female circumcision is an instrument that is utilized to convey bunch enrollment, social personality, and show singular status. Ladies are the injured individual in this training, and it is advocated so as to cause ladies to stay sub-par and kid bearing articles in their families. Also, the body is ceremonially changed regarding significant life advaces.
 In certain social orders, for example, the Australian Aboriginal cultur, a couple of front teeth are evacuated at puescence, while extra practices are engendered as the lady achieves another phase of life. Taking into account that the act of evacuating teeth was being managed without affecting the sensory cells, it is apparent that lion’s share of unfortunate casualties used to physically endure out of unnecessary agony.
 Removng the frontal teeth normally impacts the physical appearanc of a person, as far as how they grin or talk. Taking into accont that ladies are increasingly touchy to how they grin, talk or their physical appearance, expelling a couple of teeth extraordinarily influences their physical and passionate prosperity.
4th point-the influence of media celebrities
 An expanding number of ladies pose themselves this inquiry commonly in their lives. Deborah Sullivan’s exposition, “Social Bodies: Tightening the Bonds of Beauty”, uncovers the distinctive social conventions that require different techniques for body alterations. Ladies ought to experience such adjustments to acquire social acknowledgment.
 Celia talks about the impacts of media and society on ladies, and how ladies see their physical apperance. The media gives ladies a plenty of decisions for the ideal body and even gives ways on the most proficient method to accomplish them. There is no getting away. There is no reson of not getting the perfect body that reaches from that of a stick-slim incline model’s to the buff and etched layout of a body builder’s.
 women want smooth, sans wrinkle skin, bare appearances, and adequate busts. “Stencil” ladies are big names, models, on-screen characters – ladies whose desired looks are seen through segegating TV screens, notices, and magazines. The unfaltering interest for these types of media is for the most part because of ladies who are searching for self-perceptions to design from.
 These women are on the steady post in refreshing their apearance and considering the main part of data that the media presents to them, the media is a wellspring of sinificant measure of physical and mental pressure. In their battle for their jobs in the public arena, ladies experience different body changes to suit the flavor of the present-day culture. I concur with Sullivan’s idea that ladies’ ways of life as “alluring ladies rely upon the accommodation of their physical bodies to the manages of social standards”.
 Television personalities, celebrities and models encourage ladies to change their appearance to turn out to be increasingly alluring or solid while picking up prevalnce and certainty with their new looks. As ludicus as it might appear Celia Milne, the author of Pressures to Conform, maintains this thought and states “90 percent of Canadian ladies are disapointed with some part of their body” and that “they will go to startling lengths to accomplish their body perfect” . Where does this disappintment emerge, and for what reason should individuals who as of now have an ordinary weight file be determined to getting more fit?
 The appropriate response lays in the media as it presents young ladies with hopeful self-perceptons that, despite the fact that they may seem attainable, are totally unresonable. In spite of this glitch, most ladies will keep endeavoring towards compulsiveness because of companion weight, or media inundation, along these lines getting to be caught with an objective that they can never reach.
Women covets body images of celebrities. Failure to fffford, access or attain the ideal body s the source of physical and emotional stress.

Stage Three: The Completed Essay
In the present times, the media has been a major influence to the behaviors of most populations in the society. Most individuals imitate some behaviors that are propagated by their peers or celebrities in the television screens and magazines in order for them to be perceived as perfect. Additionally, the societal norms has been in the forefront in dictating what is social acceptable and what is not. Apparently, women have been the major victims in as far as perfection of their body images is concerned. Though these body modifications are achievable, they are not ideally realistic. This paper pays high attention to the analysis that the unrealistic body images presented in the media promote physical and psychological disease among women.
The unrealistic body images presented in the media promote physical and psychological diseases among women. For example, in most cultures, women were being subjected to numerous atrocities by patriarchal societies, and this exposures and experiences negatively affected their physical and emotional health. For example, in cultures where female circumcision was one of the social demands, women were believed to be weak and incapable of controlling their sexual desires and that’s why they were being subjected to this practice. It is worth noting that it was believed female circumcision helped in reducing the sexual urge among women. However, the practice was mandatory and it negatively affected the physical and psychological health of women who were forcefully being subjected to it. Actually, the practice was being done in remote places and by older women who considered themselves to have mastered the art of doing it, and considering that the tools that were being used were not being sterilized, the risk of transmitting infectious diseases from one individual to another was very high. Healthy women would acquire sexually transmitted infections from the practice, and this greatly affected they physical and emotional health.
Additionally, the inferiority complex among women was being perpetrated by women themselves. For example, girls were allowed to have little contact with men outside their families and were expected to hide their bodies from public view. The practice further manifested women as weaker beings who cannot manage to control themselves especially in the midst of the male counterparts. The representation or the perception of women in these situations by the society instituted a culture that women are inferior from the start, to the extent that they internalize that they are inferior in whatever they undertake (Deborah 572). The girl child receive little education and are obliged to economically and politically depend on their male counterparts. This makes women to remain submissive of their physical bodies to the dictates of the social norms.
Additionally, it is evident that female circumcision is a tool that is used to communicate group membership, social identity, and indicate individual status. Women are the victim in this practice, and it is justified in order to make women remain inferior and child bearing objects in their households. Additionally, the body is ritually modified in connection with major life transitions (Deborah 572-573). In some societies such as the Australian Aboriginal culture, one or two front teeth are removed at puberty, while additional practices are propagated as the woman reaches another stage of life. Considering that the practice of removing teeth was being done without influencing the nervous cells, it is evident that majority of victims used to physically suffer out of excessive pain. Additionally, removing the frontal teeth usually impacts the physical appearance of an individual, in terms of how they smile or talk. Considering that women are more sensitive to how they smile, talk or their physical appearance, removing one or two teeth greatly affects their physical and emotional wellbeing.
The media influences how women perceives themselves when they examine their attributes such as weight, physical appearance, body shape, performance and movement. How women feel and perceive these attributes influence their behaviors. Apparently, the most adverse situation is how unrealistic body images contributes to body dissatisfaction, especially when one feels that her body image and characteristics falls short of the societal ideals. Body dissatisfaction is one of the risk factors which contributes to physical and psychological diseases among women (Celia 9). Practices such as cosmetic surgery have been embraced by majority of women as methods of psychological healing and cultural empowerment. Women embrace the issue of cosmetic surgery after contemplating that their body images does not fit what the society stipulates as ideal body characteristics. For example, if a woman has lighter complexion, she feels that light skin is associated with beauty. In contrast, if a woman has a dark skin, she may develop lower self-esteem or self-worth especially if the society fails to recognize or appreciate her as beautiful. Lower self-worth may result to stress and depression among the dark skinned women. However, in order to overcome the situation, such women may seek cosmetic surgery in order for them to be perceived as beautiful just like the light skinned women. Deborah stipulated that seeking cosmetic surgery, tattoos and piercing of their body parts in order to fit into the societal ideals do so in order to achieve self-creation (Deborah 573). Their effort or aim is to achieve a desired identity and connection with a reference group.
The media provides women with a number of choices for the perfect body and even gives them the ways on how they can achieve those perfect body characteristics. For example, through various advertisements regarding the cosmetics and their ability to apply them in order to achieve the desired results. Additionally, women with smooth, wrinkle free skin ample busts and hairless faces are models, celebrities and actresses and their fine bodies are streamed regularly in social media platforms, television screens, magazines and posters (Celia 5). Actually, one of the factors which have been influencing the demand for these forms of media is the increasing number of women who are looking for body images to pattern from.
Majority of women in the society are imitating the dressing codes, body sizes, body enhancement lotions, and hairstyles from the celebrities in the television screens and magazines. The worst situation arises when these women fail to access or afford most of the attributes that they see from celebrities in the television screens and magazines. Precisely, most of the dresses, cosmetics and other makeups from the highly glorified celebrities are expensive, to the extent that the former cannot afford them. This contributes to physical and psychological suffering among the women in the lower and meddle social economic classes. In her book, Pressures to Conform, the author, Celia Milne upholds the idea that majority of women in the present society are undergoing various body modifications in order to suit the present day culture. According to Celia, “90 percent of Canadian women are dissatisfied with some aspect of their body and they will go to frightening lengths to achieve their body ideals (Celia 4-9). Apparently, though most women are striving to achieve these idealistic body images, they are entirely unrealistic.
It is, therefore, evident that the unrealistic body images presented in the media contribute to physical and psychological diseases among women. Most women wants to achieve the dressing codes, hairstyles, body lotions, complexion and body sizes of various celebrities that they see in the television and magazines. However, few can access and afford most of these body characteristics, and this contributes to physical and psychological stress.

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