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Personal statement for Admission in UC Davis


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Personal statement for Admission in UC Davis

I am a Chinese senior international student currently studying a business course at College of San Mateo. I am seeking for transfer admission for my higher education in business at the University of California (UC Davis). Currently, my major is business economics and specialization in finance and international business. I believe that pursuing a degree program in business will assist me to surpass in most different fields of work including business, accountancy, economics and administration (Princeton 142). These broad topics in business have always brought my attention to specialize economics and international business. This is because; business makes an individual brighter, well-informed and a good diplomat. In addition, the different categories of international business, finance, management, marketing and accounting provide a great blend to intermingle in the present life. My passion to owning a business has compelled my devotion to my set goals and become a prosperous individual.

In the US, UC Davis is considered among the best colleges with regard to location and education. The University is ranked 9th among public research universities nationwide with a wide range of majors for choice. Every time I visited the campus, I was impressed with the business school where lecturers appeared to have a real passion towards their subjects. In addition, the Business school has superb facilities, plenty of computers and modern lecture theaters. The university reputation for business knowledge attracts me in line with the institution support to the students learning needs. In the present world, work has become very competitive having dozens of contenders to compete with thus a concrete education with a vision is mandatory (Princeton 142). My desire is to pursue a degree in business economics from a well-respected University to maintain my education dignity. My best option is the UC Davis, which is an impeccable college that compels me to walk proudly.

Being an international student for the last four years living in the capital of US, encircled by Americans and foreigners, businessmen/women and politicians, gave me the opening to indulge my personality and learn how to deal with people. This has gained my experience in life through appreciation of diversity. I look forward to encompassing these skills, knowledge and understanding by learning and interacting with other students. I feel that the UC Davis is definitely the college that will help my actualization in this. Am conscious that the world of finance, economics, and business is ever dynamic, and my business economics program may prove to be perplexing, but I desire to overcome those challenges.

I feel that my current major in business economics and specialization in international business have relevance background to my preferred course. This is because business economics requires the ability to interpret data and be capable of solving problems (Princeton 142). In particular, Economics has widened my understanding of firms, economies and government policy-making thus realizing the significance of finance in society. I categorically enjoy studying global market systems and the monetary policy. I spend my free time reading encouraging books, traveling, skiing and trying different foods. In addition, I have been practicing Taichi for 18 years because I acknowledge the importance of body fitness towards my health welfare in business. Since I joined Chinese Wushu Association in 2005, I have achieved a fourth level in Chinese Wushu Duan system.

Moreover, I worked with the student council for more than two years during my Chinese high school and served as an elected president in the school’s photography club. Additionally, I had the opportunity to work at the Nob Hill for two years where I received a proclamation award for my hard work. I regularly watch business news that further equips my knowledge about the commercial world and the current economic events and issues. Furthermore, the cultural diversity in my town has always inspired me to start a food business in the future due to various food cultures and the reason that not everyone cooks at home in US. This invaluable knowledge coupled with my talents, aspirations, and accomplishment from my hard work has given me a good idea to further my studies in business economics from UC Davis.

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