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Personal self-reflection evaluation


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Personal self-reflection evaluation


It is my firm belief that having the desire as well interest in knowing most of the things that happen in human life makes one be to the point of knowing in addition to accepting oneself as a learner. I must as well admit that just as many learners have the concern of thinking in a different way, in the reflection of my learning experience it has not been different. I as well have to undertake that far away from the expectations of the majority I have witnessed different outcomes from various scenarios than prior expectations (Harris, McBain, and James, 2016 pg.1-19). This paper is a reflection of my personal self-evaluation on the process of learning.

How relevance what I learned this year impact my life

There is a lot of relevance in almost all of the things that I learned this year in my life.  First, I learned to become accustomed to positive thinking thereby at all times employing a positive attitude, in addition, to be highly motivated. This comes mainly from the new friends I have added to my network and more so as a result of the enthusiasm which I considered being contagious from instructors. It is worth noting that knowledge and integrity are contagious particularly if one has the deep desire of attaining them in life. Devising a positive attitude over time has made learning easy as well enjoyable to me given the fact that I became a determined learner and more to that willingly trained myself first. Just to mention some of the reasons for justifying the relevance of what I learned this year include the aspect of being more punctual, prepared, and always planning on how to continuously improve my learning criteria. Additionally, other essential skills of life like better communication and being of more value to all those who surround me. Hence all these and many more of this year learning has a positive impact on my life.

How my learning has influenced the decision I now take.

Some of the essential life skills expanded as a result of learning and more to that have the effect on influencing the decisions I take include problem-solving, fast and concrete effective decision-making as well as logical thinking.  It is my undertaking that rather than focusing my energy on the prevailing problematic it is prudent to prefer seeing the opportunity presented in that problem.  Doing this consistently I am convinced that every problem comes along with an equal measure of opportunity hence making a wise decision. I have learned that making tough decisions demands one to have courage and it all starts in mind. So far, I am in agreement with many scholars that are of the view that ‘thoughts are things’ hence we tend to become what we think continually (Harris, McBain, and James, 2016 pg.16). I, therefore, undertake that learning has influenced me to think positively, have a positive attitude and thereof make fast and effective bold decisions.

How my learning has influenced the coming course in September and job application.

 Via positive thinking, I am decided to successfully complete my undergraduate programs using the minimum time possible with the best grades and after that join one of the big companies thereby starting working as a pubic relations officer or so. I anticipate that having made that decision to attain those goals and objectives will intrinsically motive me in attaining the best in the coming course in September as well as in the job application.

Possible role that may interest me in future and how learning has helped me to identify it as the possible employment option and relevant skills required.

As have indicated above I look forward to starting working as a public relations officer and after that start my own business after having gained enough practical skills through the exposure I will have as a public relations officer. Learning has helped me understand that learning has no end and interacting well with others in the best way of learning more. Hence, effective communication skills both written and oral as taught in English class is mandatory in all aspects.  Some of the Relevant skills I need to acquire in the coming months and years to be best positioned to apply for the job include the following listed below (Zimmerman,1990 pg.3-17). Effective communication skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, time management and planning, leadership and others.


The truth of the matter is that the manner by which the human mind operates to a great extent remains to be a mystery to numerous scholars. Hence the dire need for obtaining more knowledge from other learners who have undergone through as well done rigorous reading, exploring besides internalizing. It should be noted that the process of gaining knowledge through learning necessitates taking on various personalities and qualities to attain the required level that can be considered to be successful in one’s life.


Harris, K.M., Phelan, L., McBain, and James, C., 2016. Attitudes toward learning oral communication skills online: the importance of intrinsic interest and student-instructor differences. Educational Technology Research and Development, pp.1-19.

Zimmerman, B.J., 1990. Self-regulated learning and academic achievement: An overview. Educational psychologist25(1), pp.3-17.



  1. Occidental Petroleum Corporation Houston, Texas
    Communications & Public Affairs Analyst

Description: The Communications & Public Affairs Analyst is responsible for supporting public relations activities including developing company collateral and other public materials, implementing projects for internal stakeholders in the United States, Middle East and Latin America and monitoring and disseminating mainstream and social media. This is an exceptional opportunity for an early career professional seeking a challenging, fast-paced environment at one of the most highly regarded companies in the oil and gas industry. Develop printed materials, including fact sheets, annual and proxy reports and other marketing materials. Contribute content for Oxy’s website, intranet and other collateral. Monitor social media and mainstream media, including broadcast, daily. Assist with preparation of news briefings for internal audiences daily.

  • Websense, Inc. Austin, Texas
    Public & Media Relations Manager
    The Public and Media Relations Manager consults with marketing, sales, product development, legal, and human resources in order to project the corporate message to both external and internal stakeholders. This person will also interface with the International PR lead and various public relations agencies. The Public and Media Relations Manager will be a key information source for all media contacts requesting data and insights. They will manage the development, implementation, and coordination of internal and external public relations strategies, with the goal of gaining recognition in the market, promoting our services, and establishing our thought leadership throughout target industries. The Public and Media Relations Manager will be a key information source for all media contacts requesting data and insights. They will manage the development, implementation, and coordination of internal and external public relations strategies, with the goal of gaining recognition in the market, promoting our services, and establishing our thought leadership throughout target industries.

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