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Personal Essay


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 Personal Statements are extremely important and are carefully reviewed by the admissions committee. Share:

  1. Your rationale for choosing a career in nursing;
  2. Include any experience in a health care setting;
  3. Explain any academic difficulties you have faced, and how you addressed these challenges;
  4. Summarize your strengths and areas needing improvement; and
  5. Maximum of 750 words.

2. Your official TEAS test scores are required and the Individual Performance Profile form must be uploaded below. You also must enter your test scores into the Standardized Test section of your application, including scores from all areas of the TEAS test. If you submit the wrong test form or do not enter your scores, your application will be marked as incomplete and will not be reviewed. These scores can be found on the ATI Individual Performance Profile, which you will receive after the taking the exam

Personal Essay

            The primary impulse that made me determined to be a nurse was after I got into an accident while I was in middle school, and I was required to spend six months at the hospital to recover. The nurses that took care of me were so supportive even though I felt powerless in my condition; this made me feel inspired and fuelled my desire to pursue a nursing career. I developed an urge to have the ability to utilize my abilities and skills to bring assistance and comfort to sick people when they are in their most vulnerable state. I strongly feel that I should give back to society by offering my help because of how helpless I felt when I was confined in a hospital bed for six months.

           I feel like I am ready to offer change through my pursuit of a nursing career by being personally and academically equipped to deal with current challenges in this career and area of study. Nursing appeals to me entirely because of its variety and the array of opportunities that it provides. It is appealing to me to imagine that I might one-day work in a hospital or clinic where I will be able to contact and assist the community directly. Furthermore, the scientific methods involved in medical skills needed in nursing are fascinating to me, more so, the human aspects related to the career like comforting and counseling patients. Even though the role of a nurse may be challenging, I believe that it can provide me with a sense of professional and personal satisfaction. 

           I love taking care of or enhancing people’s lives; this is a personal trait that I possess. I believe this shows how committed I am to serving others. I am enthusiastic about supporting other people, and I enjoy offering my help. I am sociable, and I have the right mental attitude, social skills, and personality that are needed to communicate efficiently with all types of patients irrespective of their backgrounds. I believe that this is a key trait when it comes to being a nurse.

           My life experiences have helped me undergo the strains and stresses associated with dealing with different situations and I think this will be helpful if I work in a healthcare setting. The real-life experience within a clinical environment after I got into an accident, provided me with the ability to gain a new perspective in medicine and reassured me that I was right to choose nursing as a career.

            Each day, I face new experiences that need me to think fast; I find it thrilling to be I a constantly changing environment. The field of medicine is dynamic and requires application of different approaches to achieve wellness and enhance the quality of life of a patient. I am a person that is confident in addressing new challenges and I am focused on gaining new knowledge. I believe that these qualities will be efficient in a healthcare setting because I will be able to apply me strengths and diversify my interest in the nursing career.

           Academically, it was challenging keeping up with my studies because the nursing field is an accelerated environment. Therefore, it was hard to balance meeting set deadlines and to deal with the academic workload. This made it hard to finish my assignment on time and in an effective manner. However, I managed to deal with these shortcomings by working on my mental state and improving how I managed time, planned, and prepared for my academic work.

           I believe that my strengths are that I am compassionate, dedicated, and focused on offering the best care for all patients while ensuring that they receive the proper care. I have excellent time management, and I am highly organized, which means that I can work under pressure and still manage to meet the needs of each patient effectively. While working as a part-time carer, I have gained proper communication skills to provide reassurance to patients and give them general details of the care being provided. I am excellent at portraying professionalism and executing duties to a high standard, leading to patient trust and confidence. I need to work on my sense of accountability because this is an essential aspect of patient care. Therefore, I will need to work more towards instilling trust in a patient to trust in me and feel like they are collaborating with me to reach a common goal. Currently, I am working on this skill, and I believe that if I perfect it, I will gain from it and practice work ethics that will help my career progress.  

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