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Performance Review’s Basic Format

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Performance Review’s Basic Format 

Include name of production, venue, date

Remember to organize your review into paragraph form and pay attention to spelling and grammar!

  1. Description: describe the production (what you saw and heard)
  • Describe the audience and the performance venue (not relevant for video reviews)
  • Describe the structure of the piece (episodic, climactic, etc.)
  • Describe the acting or performance style
  • Describe the world of the piece (sets, lighting, costumes, etc.)
  • Describe staging conventions (example: do performers acknowledge the spectators?)

   2. Interpretation: interpret the production (refer to programs and other sources)

  • What was it about to you? (Do not include a plot synopsis. You can assume your reader is familiar with the play.)
  • What do you think was the artist’s intention—desired effect on the audience? (Why here? Why now?)

   3. Evaluation: evaluate what you saw within the context of what you think they were attempting

  • Was the intention worthwhile?
  • How effectively did it fulfill what you believe was the intention?
  • How did the spectators respond?
  • Would you recommend the production?

Writing Assignment Format 

Papers should be submitted as Word Documents. All written assignments must be typed in 12-pt. font. Use one-inch margins, double space, and indent paragraphs five spaces (one Tab). Include your name, course name, date, a title, and page numbers. Use MLA formatting.

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