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Perfect ideals of the Founding Fathers,

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We aren’t all alike in appearances, thoughts, backgrounds, ages, beliefs, etc. That is not to say we can not try to understand each other and realize that our United States of America, in the perfect ideals of the Founding Fathers, was established as a place of freedom for all as Americans. Interestingly enough, the statistics say that more immigrants have come to America than all other nations combined. So while America certainly is not perfect, evidently, it must be the best of what is available

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1.  After reading the Rosa Parks’ article, tell something you didn’t know from your reading.   This part of the assignments should be more than one sentence or paragraph.  Discuss thoroughly as if your reader knows  nothing about Rosa Parks (minimum 2-3 paragraphs – single spaced, 12 point font).

2.  Then read the article about Courageous Civil War Soldiers (see the link Black History – Wallbuilders). 

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 2a.What did Daniel Webster say about the rights of a state to secede from the Union?

 2b.Did he think the Constitution allowed it?

     2c.Tell me what you learned about at least ONE specific courageous Civil War Soldier. Be sure to be specific about an individual soldier – be sure to give his name (Lafayette – a Frenchman – was not a black Civil War soldier). I do not want a generalized statement about these Civil War Soldiers. Again, same instructions as for Rosa Parks. The information should be several paragraphs and specific information.   

   3a.  Go to the two websites on Blanche K. Bruce as well as the short videoclip, and write several paragraphs on why this individual was unique.  In your paper on Bruce, be sure to put (#1 or #2 and #3 for the video) after the information that comes from that link.  In other words, even though the information you write should be in your own words, you have obtained it from these links.  I want your paper to have some information from both. 

    3b.  Did you notice anything that you found unusual about where he lived and what party he belonged to in relation to much of what you hear today? Report on that in a few paragraphs using your own words and thoughts.  

    3c.  Which person do you think was more courageous – Rosa Parks or Blanche K. Bruce – and why?  Several paragraphs to explain our reasoning.  

    Websites for Blanche K. Bruce: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. – #1 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. – #2