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pay writer to write a topic on ”Renewable energy futures”


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  1. The topic which we choose is the “Renewable energy futures “
  2. The reference must be the recently media reportage around a technological issue or debate of significant public interest

Choose a theme that is of interest and relevance to you and a topic issue with a history. The setting might be a country, a city, or a particular small community, depending on the issue. You do not have to restrict yourself to national topics but provide you with insights about the following questions:

• Why is the topic controversial?

• What are some of the diverse views expressed about the topic, and who are key stakeholders?

• What are the reasons for these stakeholders expressing the views they do?

• How are the roles of engineers or technologists around this topic represented, and why?

• Have the discussions around this or similar topics changed over time, and – if so – how have they changed, and why?

• Clearly titled with your chosen topic issue

• Include a summary of 200-250 words for your chosen articles; 

• Analyse and discuss the coverage of this topic using the 5 questions above

• Provide some historical perspective on how the topic/related topics have been debated over time • Give references.

DUE is 5.4