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Patient Experience And Partnering In Care


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Call you Bill? Ok, well, my name’s Natasha Reedy and I’m the examiner for this course, The Patient Experience and Partnering in Care.  So, thank you for joining me today to talk about a recent experience for you, and you’re going to share with us that experience and some advice on how nurses could improve their care.  So, before we start that, how’s your day been today?  

My day’s been up and down, but enjoyable.

Yeah, and did you do anything specifically today?

I bowled with the Golden Oldies and had equal high game, so I did alright.

Ok, excellent, alright.  And are you married?

Yes I’m married.

And have you got, do you have children that are grown up?

I have all middle aged children these days.

Alright, and any that live in your local city, or rural city?

Yes, we have 2 daughters in this city.

Ok, alright.  It’s a regional city isn’t it?  That’s good for you, and do you see them much?

Oh, when we’re needed to mind the children.

Alright, well that’s always helpful. Ok good, and are you minding any children, grandchildren, today?

Yes, we’ve had our youngest granddaughter today.  She’s on school holidays.  

Ok, well that’s really good.  That’s a really valuable thing that you do to help out your children.  That’s great.  Alright, well let’s get back onto why you’re here today.  And, I understand, is it about 6 years ago you had a couple of falls that impacted you then, and they still impact you now.  So, can you tell us what happened the day you first fell?

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