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Parents Having Different Hopes and Standards for Their Sons than For Their Daughters


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Parents Having Different Hopes and Standards for Their Sons than For Their Daughters

Although every parent wants the best for their children, whether boy or girl, I strongly think that they are biased in terms of the standards and hopes that they have for their children with relation to the children’s gender. They expect the boys to be smarter and the girls to be skinnier. The concern for parents seems to more focused on their little girls’ waistlines but their little boys’ braininess. Moreover, the expectations that parents have on their sons tend to exceed the expectations that they have on their daughters. This includes them having beliefs that on matters relating to careers, the best careers should be pursued by their sons whereas their daughters are expected to lean towards careers that are on the mid-level. They perceive that the boys have a higher level of intelligence as compared to the girls.

Also, they look forward to their boys having special talents than they expect their girls to be talented. Parents expect their sons to be independent in life but the daughters are expected to depend on their mates at their mature age. Also, parents tend to deny their young daughters’ freedom in many forms whereas young boys are allowed to have a lot of freedom. For example, when it comes to sporting activities, boys are allowed or the freedom to participate and are also encouraged to take part, whereas the ladies are discouraged and are in most time denied the opportunities and freedom to be actively involved. They believe that girls cannot take care of themselves or even defend themselves in case of unfavorable situations. Besides, parents show more interest in the talents that are displayed by their young boys, as compared to the interest that they show in the talents of their young girls. They expect the boys to be more talented and they are eager to support them in discovering and furthering their talents than they are eager to support their girls.

On the other hand, girls are expected to be much prettier as compared to boys. When it comes to daughters, parents are much more concerned about their physique, height, and weight. There is a tendency of more control being exercised on the girls than on the boys.  There is a higher tendency of girls being controlled even on issues such as the kind of food that they take. Also, the applause that is given by parents to their children varies depending on whether the child is a boy or a girl. The boy’s effort is more recognized and acclaimed by the parents as compared to efforts made by their girls. Boys are put in a more favorable position in this aspect giving them a high likelihood of building a development outlook much earlier than the girls.

Also, parents tend to be okay with their girl’s failure but they don’t expect or tolerate any kind of failure from their sons. This makes them push their sons to perform well in every aspect of life while leaving their daughters behind. They tend not to expect much from the girls and they are comfortable with them not performing as well as the boys.  It is not the plan of parents to be biased or favor their boys over their girls, but it happens.

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