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Organizational Innovation Post-Test (14 questions)


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Paper Instructions

Organizational Innovation Post-Test (14 questions)

*This test is a pass or fail, and cannot be repeated, and a score of 86% or higher must be achieved in order to pass.*

The essay questions must be cited in-text and referenced. If possible, use the textbooks below:

Innovation Acceleration: Transforming Organizational Thinking by Kuratko et al (2012)

Making Innovation Work: How to Manage It, Measure It, and Profit from It , Updated Edition, by Davila and Epstein (2013)

Question 1

When would a company use closed innovation?

Question 2

Why is collaboration important for innovation?

Question 3

How does your brain come up with new ideas?

Question 4

What types of teams would be effective for incremental innovation?

Question 5

List and describe two methods of business-related innovation.

Question 6

________ focuses on smaller process improvements and changes.

Select one:

a. Work system management

b. Incremental innovation

c. Intrinsic motivation

d. Radical innovation

Question 7

Describe two ways that corporate innovators can manage stress.

Question 8

How does a designer handle challenges and opportunities using innovation?

Question 9

________ is when a firm is not solely reliant upon its own resources for new technology, product or business development purposes; rather, the firm acquires critical inputs to innovation from outside resources.

Select one:

a. Closed innovation

b. Concept development

c. Conversion

d. Open innovation

Question 10

________ is a learned behavior that can be developed and taught; it occurs when a novel and original idea is introduced into a domain, and that idea moves the domain forward.

Select one:

a. Creativity

b. Critical thinking

c. Divergent thinking

d. An innovative mindset

Question 11

Some of the characteristics attributed to business innovators include internal locus of control, tolerance for ambiguity and calculated risk-taking. Discuss how these characteristics relate to an innovative mindset.

Question 12

To demonstrate creativity, it is important to have requisite knowledge on a topic and the thinking skills to work with ideas, but it is more important to have ________ what you are working on.

Select one:

a. experience with

b. interest in

c. motivation for

d. passion about

Question 13

Why is top management support so important to the implementation of corporate entrepreneurship?

Question 14

Define a “corporate innovation strategy.”

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