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Organizational Innovation Assignment 2.1


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Paper Instructions

Organizational Innovation Assignment 2.1:

Imagineers of the Walt Disney Co

Complete this assignment to learn about the Imagineers of the Walt Disney Co. They are “the creative arm of Disney parks and resorts worldwide, and have created everything from the audio-animatronics of the moving characters in landmark theme rides, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion, to the man-made mountains, like Space Mountain, which are found in all the Disney Parks” (Kuratko, Goldsby and Hornby, 2012, p. 53). The Imagineers employ a “Blue Sky” philosophy, which means that the sky is the limit and there are unlimited possibilities. The Imagineers start with a goal and a blank piece of paper and create without any limitations.


Kuratko, D. F., Goldsby, M. G., & Hornsby, J. S. (2012). Innovation Acceleration: Transforming organizational thinking. Upper Saddle River (N.J.: Prentice Hall.


•    A 400–word paper

Activity Details

To complete the assignment, follow these steps:

Step 1: Research the Disney Imagineers and Blue Sky philosophy, and describe that philosophy in a 400–word essay that includes some examples of what the Imagineers have created and how they accomplished their creations.

Step 2: Research and discuss.

Conduct research on the Internet or in a library to find out about the Disney Imagineers, their philosophies of innovation and creativity, and their outcomes.

Step 3: Write a paper.

Write a paper discussing the Imagineers’ philosophies of innovation and creativity and how those elements shape their outcomes.

Use these writing guidelines:

•    Include a cover page and references in addition to your required word count.

•    Use correct APA format.

•    Double–space text.

•    Use size 12 Times New Roman.

•    Use section headings to organize.

•    Indent paragraphs.•    Include in-text citations

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