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This exam will be due by 4:30 pm on 17 March.  The exam will involve answering two questions.  Each question should be answered with no more than 7 pages of double-spaced text (with parenthetical citations) and a list of references cited in addition to the seven pages.  Students will be graded both on the substance and quality of the writing and presentation.  Students are expected to apply broad tools drawing on their cumulative course experience at Ohio Wesleyan University combined with the assignments for the Senior Seminar.  Students are expected to use extensive citations from material not covered in the senior seminar but from other courses and readings students have taken or done as appropriate to the essay questions.  Exams will be graded on their substance as well as their level of creativity and professionalism in presentation and writing.  Exams received after the deadline will receive a full letter grade reduction per day late.  Recall the core readings include Posen, which we will discuss next week, but you are welcome to start on the readings and sources you have with the expectation you will Posen as appropriate  Question One:  Liberalism