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Essay on Nursing Advocates


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Nursing Advocates

The nursing environment have almost remained unchanged especially due to lack of vibrant and determined nursing advocates who can bring about change to the public policy. Apparently, in the nursing profession there has been a number of nursing advocates whose contribution to the public policy as well as in the nursing profession cannot be under-estimated. This paper will compare and contrast three nursing advocates, which are not limited to Florence Nightingale, Cole Edmonson, and David DeBiasi.

Nightingale advocated for interprofessional collaboration in order for quality health care services to be provided to the health consumers. According to her, patients cannot be satisfied with the services that they receive in health care facilities if nurses, public health professionals, physicians, clinicians and pharmacists do not work as a team (Crane & Selanders, 2012). Similarly, Cole Edmonson, a nursing advocate as well as a chief nursing officer at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas advocated for better collaboration amongst nurses and between nurses and the other health physicians. She claimed that during her during her career as a nurse she had witnessed a number of incidents involving abusive and uncivil behaviors between nurses. The aspect of bullying amongst nurses is prevalent in the nursing profession, and this behavior results to an emotional abuse to the victim, which in the long run negatively affects his or her productivity (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2013). In contrast, DeBiasi advocated in changing state laws in such a way that advanced practice registered nurses can practice to the full extent of their knowledge and training, in order for the health consumers to access high quality health care (AARP Foundation, 2017).

There are additional changes that needs to be made in future, in order for the profession of nursing advocates to be successful. For example, there is need for nurses to be involved in helping patients who are being discharged to have an easy transition in and out of the hospital and home. In addition, there is need to advocate and sensitize nurses to honor the rights of patients during the process of delivering care, as this always have fundamental impacts to the wellbeing and satisfaction of the patient.


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