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Nurse Practitioner Program


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Nurse Practitioner Program

My experience with online learning

Online learning has been fantastic for me not only in terms of studying within my comfort zone, but also expanding my knowledge and skills of searching information online. Through online learning, I have managed to interact with technological gadgets such as laptops more effectively. Precisely, though online learning, I have managed to contemplate most of the sites that have adequate reading materials especially those that relates to nursing and publish health. Initially, it was challenging for me to search information in the internet, especially due to the availability of diverse articles and sites which have information concerning the phenomenon that I happened to be researching for or the topic that I wanted to learn deeper concerning it. However, through online learning, I have managed to identify some of the sites which have reliable and accurate information concerning the topic that I might be researching about, and I always prefer to visit these sites before I proceed to others. Moreover, though online learning, I have learnt to associate with others especially in a group involving individuals who are discussing or sharing a common agenda. This will greatly enable me to associate with my course mates and my facilitators throughout the time that I will be studying this program. Online learning has also been advantageous on my side since I do not need to allocate time and resources for travelling from my living room to the library or any other reading area in order to access reading materials. Precisely, I do manage to access reading materials without having to physically move from the house.

How I will complete my studies in a rigorous two year graduate program

In order to complete this program effectively and successfully, I will plan my schedule in such a way that more time is allocate to the implementation of various academic tasks that relates to this program. For example, I will focus on reading ahead of the lecturer in order to ensure that by the time he or she introduces a concept to me, I will at least be having a basic idea concerning it. I will achieve this by following the course outline, which stipulates that major topics or units that the semester or program entails. By reading the materials early in advance, I will not only be in a position of understanding what the facilitator will teach, but also read wider than what the lecturer will deliver in class. In addition, in order to ensure that I complete this program successfully in terms of gaining skills and knowledge base, I would ensure that I make use of group discussions, as this is one of the important way that I can manage to gather the reasoning of others especially in areas where may having challenges in terms of understanding the concepts. Through group discussions, I will manage to practically demonstrate to the other group members concerning what I have gained in various reading materials. This will not only enable me to share or enlighten the other group members, but also provides me with a platform of learning from them. In addition, I intend to embrace the aspect of performing practical relating to the program, as this will enable me to gain skills and knowledge concerning what I will be doing in the hospital setting.

How I will accommodate the schedule of this program

I will accommodate this schedule by ensuring that I attend to the first eight hour clinical day on Monday and the other on Friday of every week. By so doing, I will be ensuring that I don’t have a tight schedule during the days before any of the eight hour clinical days. Precisely, this is in accordance to my schedule within the health facility that I am currently working at. On Sundays, I leave out of work at 6pm, and I am supposed to report back on Monday 7pm. In addition, I go for my off every Thursday evening and report back on Saturday morning, and this means that on Friday I have adequate time for attending the eight hour clinical day. I will also be attending the in-class meetings every Wednesday in the morning. For the required readings and assignments, I will be working on them whenever I am free, as well as within the working place anytime I don’t have a client to attend to. In addition, I will also embrace a culture of waking up early in the morning in order to go through the stipulated readings, and this is due to the fact that at that time, my mind is always fresh to handle any challenging task.

An example of how I have demonstrated the ability to be self-directed/self-motivated

I remember when I joined high school, I always used to lead the class in terms of overall performance. I would leave the second student with a big margin when it comes to the performance of the individual subjects and overall performance. Through my performance, I knew I will automatically emerge being the best student in the final examinations, and then proceed to proceed to work on my dream career, nursing. Apparently, one of the motivational speaker who visited our school told me that in order to achieve my goal, I don’t need to compete with my fellow classmates but focus on competing with an imaginary student who is performing better than me. This was due to the fact that if I compete with my classmates (who I was by far performing better than them), I will end up relaxing after understanding that no one is challenging me academically. It is at this time I set my goals on how I have self-direction. I devised a personal timetable and ensured that I adhere to it to the letter. Through the help of the personal timetable, I managed to excel exemplary well in my final examinations.

My learning opportunities and what I anticipate to learn in this program

I have encountered a number of learning opportunities in my life. Currently, I work full time at Adventist Health Bakersfield in the Intensive Care Unit, and this has been one of the greatest learning opportunity that I have ever been having. I have managed to learn how to respond whenever a patient is brought in the ICU unit especially when it comes to providing intensive care in order to save his or her life. In addition, I have also learnt on how to control or contain family members and friends of patients who have been brought in the ICU unit, especially through extensive counseling.

In this program, I want to learn of how to provide care not only to the specific patent, but also to the immediate environment of the patient. For example, I want to enhance my level of providing counselling to the family members and friends of the patient that I will be attending to. In addition, I also anticipate to learn on how to provide integrated care which includes the aspect of attending to patients from diverse origins, culture and holding diverse religious beliefs. I also anticipate to learn on how to not only satisfy patients’ health needs, but also exceed them.

My readiness for the MSN-FNP program and the self-assessment for graduate program studies

I have adequately prepared for the FNP program in a number of ways. For example, I have started by ensuring that I have time for studying despite the fact that I am currently working. Precisely, I have applied for a studying leave and this will provide me with more time especially due the very first months before I adapt to the system of working and studying concurrently. Though I have been given a limited leave, I have talked with the employer and has agreed that I will be working for night shifts only after my studying leave is over, and this will enable me to be working at night and doing the academic work some hours during daytime. In addition, I have saved some money that will facilitate me undertake the program, and this includes fees, commuting and other miscellaneous expenses. In addition, I have decided to enroll for the FNP program within California State Bakersfield University since it is close to my working station as well as my residential area, and this will facilitate me to easily commute within the three areas.

When it comes to self-assessment, I do contemplate that graduate studies calls for determination, hard work and commitment in order for an individual to successfully complete it. For this reason, I feel myself I am committed to undertake this program from the start to the end. This is one of the reason as to why I have set everything set in order to ensure that I will not be having a number of aspects that will be disrupting or hindering me from completing the program.

My five-year career plan after completing the MSN/FNP program

My plan after completing the FNP program is to work in the health care setting for two years. By so doing, I will not only manage to enhance my experience in the health care setting, especially as a family nurse practitioner, but also to gain adequate capital that would will enable me to start my own facility. After the two years, I will proceed to start my health care facility in Bakersfield, where I will focus on serving the high number of health consumers not only within this locality, but also from other neighboring communities. The major reason for considering Bakersfield is to ensure that I have access to a larger facility where I can be referring critical case which my facility will not be in a position to offer. At first, the health facility will be offering outpatient services, and later advance to both inpatient and outpatient services, especially after constructing admission infrastructures. Later I will consider advancing my academic level by enrolling for a doctor of philosophy program.

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