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NURS 2316 Comprehensive Clinical I


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NURS 2316 Comprehensive Clinical I

Facilitated Learning Experiences: Daily Reflective Journaling


  • Each clinical day at an observation site, complete a reflection journal addressing the questions below. 
  • You will also reflect on a program SLO that you met during your clinical day.  A copy of the SLO’s are provided at the bottom of the assignment. 
  • Submit your ongoing document each observation day in the corresponding D2L assignment dropbox
  • Observation sites included: CBHH, ER, Surgery, Alexandria Clinic, Endo, Hospice, Home Health, Occupational Health
ExperienceAnswer the questions specified under each observation experience. Describe a Student Learning Outcome (SLO) that you met. (Use all SLO’s equally throughout the semester)
Clinic/Endoscopy/Parish Nursing/Other (if used) Facilitated Learning Experiences, address the following questions: Description of the experienceWhat is the professional nurse role in this setting?Describe one illness you observed (manifestations, treatment, etc.) For the Surgery Center-OR experience, address the question in that section.
Clinic           SLO: How you met it:
Endoscopy (if observation used)         SLO: How you met it:
Parish Nursing          1. 2. 3.SLO: How you met it:
Surgery Center – OR        Address the following questions: The “Time-Out” procedure. Who initiated this process? Who participated? What is the purpose of this process? What is the purposeObserve the surgical procedure. How is sterile technique maintained (in addition to what is done at the surgical site)?Based on the surgical procedure you observed, what three priorities for patient care did you note in the immediate post-operative period? How did the professional nurse provide emotional support?    SLO: How you met it:
Other:             SLO: How you met it:

Associate Degree Nursing Program

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s)

  1. Concept: Patient-centered Care

NLN Program Outcome: Human Flourishing

NLN Core Value: Caring, diversity, holism, patient-centeredness

Provides quality, safe, holistic, compassionate and coordinated patient-centered care and assessments based on respect for patient/patient preferences, values and needs through evidence-based practice.

  • Concept: Leadership and Management of Care

NLN Program Outcome: Nursing Judgment NLN

Core Value: Ethics, Excellence, Integrity

Provides leadership through evidence-based practice in a variety of health care settings for diverse patient populations fostering open communication and mutual respect to achieve quality patient/patient care.

  • Concept: Teamwork and Collaboration

NLN Program Outcome:  Professional Identity

NLN Core Value: Ethics, Caring, Excellence

Participates, utilizing using effective communication skills, with members of the interdisciplinary team to assure the delivery of accurate, safe care.

  • Concept: Nursing Judgment

NLN Program Outcome: Nursing Judgment

NLN Core Value: Caring, Ethics, Excellence, Integrity, Patient-centeredness

Make judgments to nursing practice, substantiated with evidence, that integrate nursing science in the provision of safe, quality care and that promote the health of patients within a family and community context.

  • Concept: Professional Identity

NLN Program Outcome:  Professional Identity

NLN Core Value: Caring, Diversity, Ethics, Excellence, Integrity, Patient-centeredness

Implements one’s role as a nurse that reflects integrity, responsibility, ethical practices and an evolving identity as a nurse committed to evidence-based practice, caring, advocacy and safe, quality care for diverse patients/patients within a family and community context

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