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NR 565 Week 7 GI Case Study (Original Post with Responses)


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Mr. Brown, a 50 year-old male who comes into your office today complaining of a constant burning pain in his stomach a couple of hours after he eats. He states that he was seen in the emergency room 2 days ago for the same complaint and was given something called a “GI cocktail” which relieved his symptoms. Mr. Brown reports that he enjoys coffee every morning with breakfast and sometimes in the afternoon with a donut.  A review of his records show that acute coronary syndrome was ruled out in the emergency room 2 days ago. His last stress test was 6 months ago, which was negative. EKG in the office today is normal.

Past Medical History: Obesity and High Cholesterol.

Surgical History: None.

Family history: Unknown he is adopted

Social History: Smoker x 10 years 1ppd, drinks 2-4 beers a day and ½ pack on the weekends. Denies recreational drugs, does not exercise.

Drug allergies: NKDA

Current medications: None

All vaccines are up to date. 

Vitals Height 69 inches, weight 205 pounds, BP 120/75, P 70, R 16.

Mr. Brown’s physical exam is normal, including the abdominal exam.

  • What are your treatment goals for Mr. Brown today?
  • What is your pharmacological plan and rationale? (cite with appropriate clinical practice guidelines or scholarly peer-reviewed articles and always include medication name, strength, dosage form, route, frequency and duration when making recommendations)
  • Pick one medication from your response above and list 5 patient-centered teaching points for the medication.