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NR 504 Week 5 Discussion: Collaboration Cafe


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Reflect upon a current or previous organization, and consider the organizational mission, vision, and values, as well as the organizational culture and leadership practices; then discuss:

  • In what ways did the organizational mission, vision, and values reflect a culture of excellence?
  • How were the mission, vision, and values similar to and different from your personal philosophy of nursing and core values?
  • How were the mission and values reflected in the organizational culture and leadership?
  • Recommend one leadership approach or strategy which can be applied to support a culture of excellence within your future MSN role.

Include your rationale and the intended impact and how this may affect your future role.

WFBH Mission, Vision and Values

Wake Forest Baptist Health’s mission is to improve the health of our region, state and nation by:
► Generating and translating knowledge to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.
► Training leaders in health care and biomedical science.
► Serving as the premier health system in our region, with specific centers of excellence recognized as national and international care destinations.

Wake Forest Baptist Health is a preeminent, internationally recognized academic medical center of the highest quality, with balanced excellence in patient care, research and education.

► Excellence — Demonstrate the highest standards of patient-centered care, education, research and operational effectiveness.
► Compassion — Respond to the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs of all.
► Service — Cultivate selfless contribution for the greater good.
► Integrity — Demonstrate fairness, honesty, sincerity and accountability.
► Diversity — Demonstrate respect for and inclusion of all backgrounds, identities, experiences and perspectives.
► Collegiality — Foster mutual respect, facilitate professional growth and mentorship, and reward teamwork and collaboration.
► Innovation — Promote creativity to enhance discovery and the application of knowledge.
► Safety — Embrace a culture of reliability through better process design and accountability.