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NR 360 Unit 2 Required Uniform Assignment: Technology Presentation Team Charter


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RUA: Technology Presentation Team Charter
The purpose of this assignment is to create a Team Charter that will guide the conduct and manage the work for the creation of the NR-360 Technology Presentation.

Requirements and Preparation
Successful teams begin with guidelines that help to manage their work. For this class, you and your teammates will create a set of rules called a Team Charter.
As a team, complete all the sections listed below to build your team charter.
One member of each team will be designated as the team leader, and will be responsible for submitting the team charter document to the dropbox of Unit 2 at the time specified by your course schedule/campus/instructor.
All team members will indicate agreement on the charter by initialing understanding of the information within the charter. The assignment is a 200 point assignment.
CARE Component: Team members will have the opportunity to practice active respect for other team members, consideration of one another, and communication. Be aware that team members come from different backgrounds and have various schedules and time demands, so working collaboratively is crucial.
Timely submission of assignment components by individual team members is also important to the success of the team. Be factual, professional, and supportive about participation or absence of participation when you communicate with each other.
Teams who encounter occasions when team members have not submitted/completed assignments should communicate supportively and openly with those team members and faculty with the aim of caring for peers in completing the assignment.
Communication is a major component of nursing and healthcare, and the foundation for this assignment. Developing good communication and team building skills is essential for nurses. Nurses work with many people who do not have the same thoughts and/or methods of approaching a task. Therefore, all team members must collaborate to be successful. Remember to use the TEAM Collaboration Discussion Area to communicate.
Follow up with one another at least weekly to be sure that everyone is on track for the final submission of RUA assignment sections to the team leader, who will prepare the final presentation for submission/presentation.

Sections of the Team Charter
Section A, Individual Characteristics: Each team member will list strengths or contributions planned for the project and describe areas that he or she plans to develop while participating in it.
List potential conflicts that might arise between team members during this project.
Include the team’s plan for members who do not turn in work after the deadline and how the team will manage team members who do not participate, or do not participate in a timely manner
For each potential conflict, list the team’s method of resolving those conflicts.
Specifically address how the team will apply Chamberlain Care for peers during conflict resolution.
Section C, Team Goals: This section lists the team’s goals and potential barriers that might prevent achieving them.
List at least three (3) team goals for the Technology Presentation project (these may include project assignment goals, group process/Chamberlain Care goals, quality level goals, etc.)
List potential barriers to the achievement of these goals and outline how they will be managed.
Section D, Project Plan: This section will include the team plan.
Discuss the team’s process to designate the team leader and outline the responsibilities the team gives the team leader (include submitting required assignments).
Create a timeline for completion and submission of assignment components to the team leader and include the assignment due date.
Explain how the team members will distribute the workload for the assignment based on Section A.
For each project week, clearly outlines each team member’s tasks, including tentative due dates for rough drafts and completed project assignments.