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Nike Football World Cup 2010 South Africa


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Nike Football: World Cup 2010 South Africa. This is a case study assignment requiring careful reading and critical thinking appropriate for this advanced Sports Management Capstone course. Significant, focused time needs to be spent in order to achieve the intended learning and produce the expected quality responses.

During the first week you need to at a minimum carefully read the case, highlighting, underlining or marking it up as best suits your learning style.

There are 5 essay questions, and each student needs to answer the two questions that have been assigned to him or her. The essay questions are below. There is a chart that shows for each student which two questions they have been assigned. Be sure to answer only the questions you have been assigned; you do not have the freedom to choose which questions you answer. Submission of answers to unassigned questions will reduce your essay grade to at most half of the full credit amount. Your answers go in the appropriate content boxes in the Blackboard item labelled Nike Football: World Cup 2010 South AfricaEssay Questions

You will be called on to orally present your essay answers during class, so be sure to have your work available to you at that time.

Please note that questions should be answered consistent with facts presented in the case. For the essays, you need to state your opinions, ideas and conclusions, but they should not contradict the stated facts. Your analysis should reflect the timing presented in the case, which indicates that decisions are being made leading up to summer 2010.

Throughout the case and the related assignment the term football will be used to mean the sport typically referred to in American culture as soccer.

answer the follow questions?

Question 1
One of Nike Football’s strategic pillars was to connect at a deeper, more emotional level with its target consumer. Write an entry to be posted to the Nike Football blog that helps accomplish this objective.

Question 2
A possible partnership with the (RED) foundation is discussed in the case. Should Nike follow through with this idea? Explain the reasons for your position. If yes, present a few ideas about how Nike could use this partnership to its benefit. If no, suggest another organization to develop a social responsibility partnership with and present your suggestions for how to activate this partnership.

sample essay preview

Connecting Emotionally Through Football

Football isn’t just a game – it’s a way of life. The passion, dedication, and emotion that players, coaches, and fans pour into this sport is unmatched. At Nike Football, we understand that football is more than pads and cleats – it’s a culture and community.

Our products are designed to fuel the competitive fire within every athlete. The technology we develop gives players an edge to elevate their game. But above all, we create gear that enables athletes to feel truly confident, motivated, and focused when it matters most.

Nike Football represents the commitment and heart that lives within this sport. We stand by football players through grueling practices, triumphant wins, and agonizing losses. Because challenges on the field mirror challenges in life – it takes grit and perseverance to succeed. Football instills these values.

Our brand embodies the spirit of the game. We don’t just outfit teams – we inspire them. We immerse ourselves in football culture and invest in helping athletes reach their full potential. At Nike, we celebrate the passion that makes football much more than a hobby – it’s a driving force.

Partnering with (RED) could be a powerful way for Nike Football to make a social impact. Raising awareness and funding to combat global health crises aligns with our values of empowering human potential. However, I believe partnering with an organization like Playworks that focuses on youth development through sports and play would be a strong strategic fit.

Together, Nike Football and Playworks could create initiatives to make participation in team sports more accessible to disadvantaged youth. We could donate funds and sports equipment while engaging our network of athletes to volunteer as coaches and mentors. This would allow us to make a meaningful difference in kids’ lives while also nurturing the next generation of football players and fans. Leveraging Nike’s brand power for this cause can drive positive change on an important social issue relevant to our business.

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