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National Right to Life.


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Select an interest group from the following list and discuss its lobbying tactics in Congress:

1) AARP; 2) AFL-CIO; 3) NRA; 4) GLAAD; 5) National Right to Life.

Please reference a recent news article from the last four weeks supporting your positions. Do not get sidetracked in discussions about the issues they support. Stay focused on their tactics and methods.

Post by 11:55 pm Eastern time on Friday. Include citations and URLs for the sources you consulted. Provide substantive replies to the posts to your classmates by 11:55 pm Eastern time on Sunday. Please see the rubric linked below for grading standards.

Assignment responses should be no less than 300 words and no more than about 500 words, while student replies should be no less than 150 words and no more than about 300 words.

Remember that a 300-word post and 150-word replies are the bare minimum requirements to earn a grade of a “C” or higher, but they will not automatically result in an “A” for a grade. Again, please review the rubric for details.

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