MTOMD3VAV-Visitor Attraction and Venue Management - Essay Prowess

MTOMD3VAV-Visitor Attraction and Venue Management


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“Analyse the key success factors for developing a visitor attraction/venue in Kent”

You can write about either:

  • A new visitor attraction / venue of your choice
  • The London Resort (a proposed theme park in Swanscombe, Kent; originally known as the London Paramount Entertainment Resort)
  • Center Parcs (a proposed holiday park in woodland at Oldhouse Warren off Balcombe Road, Worth, Crawley)
  • Eden Project North (a proposed visitor attraction in Morecombe, Lancashire)



Provisional contents of the report:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Main body (here you should provide a detailed analysis of the following elements):
    • the proposed products & services
    • the target market(s)
    • the location / site selection criteria
    • the industry (including competitors, trends, risks…)
    • the management of the organisation (e.g. promotion, staffing issues, selection of suppliers, etc.)
  • Conclusion
  • Reference list
  • Appendixes (if used)


Draw on the knowledge that you have gained from the other modules over the last few years, i.e. you can use the concepts covered in other modules in this report.

The format of the assessment is a report; you can use headings, sub-headings, bullet points.

The word count is 2,400 words. Quotations ARE included in the word count. Text in tables and the reference list is NOT included in the word count.

There will be two report support sessions where you will be able to get a formative feedback on your ideas (one in March, one in April); please, ensure that you attend.

The report must be submitted via Turnitin (no need for a hard copy).


Additional information

Be professional and use appropriate subject terminology

Do not use contractions (don’t, can’t, etc.), slang, jargon



Feedback for on-time submissions will be provided online on 6th June 2022, 2pm.

Feedback for late submissions will be provided from 17th June 2022, 2pm



Harvard referencing should be used throughout the report. A quick guide to Harvard referencing can be found here:


Marking criteria:

The criteria for level 6 assessments is available from the module handbook and the programme handbook for Tourism Management / Hospitality Management / Events Management.


Assessments are graded by examiners that include the module leader, and then they are moderated by another lecturer from the programme. Once this has been done feedback is published on Turnitin.

Please note that these marks are provisional until such a time as they have been moderated by an External Examiner and agreed by a Programme Board of Examiners made up of all tutors teaching on the Programme as well as the External examiner.


Guidance for Late Submission

You will be allowed to submit your assignment after the submission deadline. Note, however, that penalties will apply unless you have applied for and received concessions.

Late coursework is penalised as follows: