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This part of the cycle involves connecting with why you responded the way you did, and why this event has remained with you. The following are a few cues to help you identify this – answer those that you think are relevant to you.

• How did I feel and what did I expect, anticipate or think before this experience?
• How did I feel and what did I think during the experience?
• How did I feel after the experience?
• Was there a change or a shift in my feelings?

Remember: This is also a descriptive section and involves your personal feelings, emotions and views; we expect to see the word ‘I’ here. Evaluation Try to make a judgement about the event or experience consider whether this was a positive or negative experience. Answer any of the following cues that you think are relevant to your learning from this

Practical Experience.

• What part of the experience were positive?
• What did not work as well as I expected?
• What difficulties did I have (if any)?
• Which concepts did I grasp easily?
• What would I do differently next time?

Remember: This part identifies positive and negative perceptions about the experience: prioritise the aspects that are most relevant and best represent your experience. Analysis This section is where you will analyze, compare and consider the event with the literature and/or the NMBA standards to enable you to discuss how they are integrated and contribute to your professional knowledge, understanding and practice. To help you decide what you want to write about, consider the following and select those that are relevant.

• What were the aspects that did not go so well and why were they difficult?
• What aspects went well and why were they effective in building your understanding and competency?
• Consider your own contributions to the event Ask yourself
o Did I feel confident to contribute why / or why not?
o What improvements could I have made?
• Consider other clinical experiences and compare earlier experiences to this one.

Remember: This section is analytical it is focused on explaining the reasons why things happened and . In this section identify the contributing and mitigating factors to making this a good or bad experience.


This section differs from the evaluation phase in that now you have examined the experience from number of viewpoints you are able to gain insight into why things occurred or why people responded in the way that they did. Remember the whole purpose of reflection is to get better and develop more skills and insight. Look back on the experience and consider the following questions :

• What were my learnings from this experience (positive and/or negative)?
• What would I do differently next time?
• Was I able to identify personal strengths and/or weaknesses from these learning experiences?

Remember: The conclusion pulls it all together and summarizes what you have learnt and what your desired outcome is. This is a summary – Please be specific and concise. Avoid generalized statements such as “I don’t know enough yet.” Action Plan Ask yourself the following questions to help build a plan with specific detail.

• What are my priorities for my future practice?
• What do I need to do so that I can improve my practice?
• Even if the experience was great what can I do to make my practice more effective?
• What am I specifically going to do to improve my practice: what activities will I undertake, what resources will I examine? who will I speak to?

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