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Models of personality development

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The Final Project for this course requires that you apply the material that you have studied during the term to a case study of your choice. For this Assignment, you must choose a well-known current or historical person for an in-depth analysis of personality development. Some examples of the type of person you can choose are famous politicians, philanthropists, entertainers, businesspersons, historical figures or individuals who made significant contributions to your field of study or career. Do NOT select an individual who has significant, known psychological issues.  You should choose a figure whose biographical information (including their childhood) can be easily researched.

During this course, you have studied several models of personality development. For your Final Project, you will write a 5–7 page paper that describes the way in which two models that you studied in the course applies to the personality development of the case study that you chose. Your paper must include the following components:


Present a short summary of the person’s early  life experiences. This section must include all relevant background, including family history, significant life experiences, and important contributions that may have influenced or resulted from the individual’s personality development. This section should be a maximum of 1–2 pages in length.


Select TWO personality theories we have discussed in our class:

    • Explain the major elements of each selected theory
    • Explain the advantages of each selected theory
    • Explain the objections/concerns of each selected theory.
    • Explain how each theory might explain your selected client’s personality

This section should be 3-4 pages in length.


To measure this individual’s personality, explain TWO specific assessment tools you would use. Explain what specific  information a helping professional might  gain from each of the assessment tools.  This section should be at least 1 page in length.

Include references from the text and course learning activities. Your project should be double-spaced, include a reference page, include a minimum of THREE scholarly resources, and adhere to APA guidelines.