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Mint Mentos Volcano Science Fair Project


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Mint Mentos Volcano Science Fair Project


The project relates to the real world situations especially in mountain volcanoes where the magma gashes from the ground. Moreover, the experiment is of practical value because it can be used to conduct an experiment in the chemistry class especially to demonstrate the effects or presence of carbon dioxide. Similarly, it can be used in trade fairs or show which can be a source of revenue. The advantages of this project are that it is non-toxic hence it can be practiced at home. In addition, it can serve others because revenue generated can help to meet the economic needs of others.


The science project involving the mint Mentos volcano demonstrates the chemical eruptions. The project produces fountains of sodas which are a few meters high (Healey, 2018). Some of the materials which are involved include diet cola (2-liters); Mentos mint candy, a slim test tube, and index card. The project works when the Mentos and the cola are engaged in a reaction. Since the soda has a large volume of carbon dioxide dissolved, it helps to produce effervesce. Essentially, after the Mentos is dropped into the soda, minute bumps on the surface of the candy offer molecules of carbon dioxide a nucleation area or a site to adhere. When many molecules of carbon dioxide accumulate, it facilitates the formation of bubbles. Furthermore, since the Mentos candies have a larger weight, they are able to sink hence they react with more carbon dioxide towards the basement of the container (Healey, 2018). The bubbles increase as they move up. The partly liquefied candy is adhesive enough to withhold the gas, creating foam.  The reactions also create pressure which forces the foam to move up quickly. Similarly, the slim opening of the bottle channels the foam to create a geyser. The project can be improved if the bottle top is made of a nozzle which forces the jet produced to move higher (Healey, 2018).




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