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Mental Health Assessment, Culturally Safety, And Reflective Practice


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Work through the six modules outlined in Justin O’Dowd’s journey through the care pathway for his mental illness. A selection of 10 questions associated with the learning journey follow. This assignment asks you to respond to all 10 questions using the materials provided and using any other literature that will support your answers. You may answer the questions in the first person since reflection on your own thoughts, values, attitudes and behaviour is an important aspect of this assignment.

1. Describe how your own upbringing, culture and experience has influenced your current perception about mental illness?

2. Describe how your own cultural interpretation and perception of mental illness (as described in question 1) may be similar or different from that of Justin as an indigenous person.

3. What knowledge and skills will you require to effectively work with Justin if he was to present in the Emergency Department where you are working?

4. How can developing self-awareness about our own assumptions, beliefs, values and attitudes to mental illness impact on nursing practice?

5. Discuss what life events may have impacted on Justin’s mental health?

6. What are the social and cultural implications for Justin leaving his home and community for assessment and treatment in the city?

7. What needs to happen to ensure culturally safe care for Justin once he is hospitalised?

8. From the information in the Mental Health Assessment and Mental State Examination, what are the identified areas of concern and the priorities of care planning for Justin?

9. What can you identify within the care pathway ie from initial assessment to discharge back to his community, that reflect the principles of recovery focused practice?

10. Identify what you have learnt from Justin’s story and describe how your new knowledge might influence your practice as you move forward to becoming a Registered Nurse.

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