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Media Development Essay


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Media Development

The media will continue to cover milestones in development, way into the next decade. Technological advancements enhance innovation. Devices are being developed to replace and/or correlate with desktop phones, remote working and telecommunication bringing a demand for secure mobile applications, promotion of video conferencing, all which be critical for an integrated workplace, facilitating employee real-time association to enhance business processes (Herrell, 2010).

It will be a common trend for employers to offer devices to employees based on the workers job description.

Open source software has slowly being embraced due to limitations such as being to shallow in content. However, it has proved to be user friendly and quick to support new services and low costs of purchase and upgrading.

Cell phones are rapidly becoming smart computers and provide workers on the move a solution to conducting business in any given location. Mobile devices join voice, the internet and video to support business communications (Herrell, 2010). Companies will incorporate their own unique applications for employees to access to information regardless of location.

Social media has risen to new heights and enhances exchange of information vital to every conceivable aspect of today’s and future developments. Blogs, wikis, instant messaging and services such as Facebook and Twitter will continue to connect the world with accelerated benefits such as customer care through social media, opportunities to reach new customers and a global reach (Herrell, 2010).

In the next decade technology will provide, advanced desktop features, easy installation and maintenance, contextual notification indicators/feedback, and enhanced security.


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