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Mechanical Engineering Employment Contract


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Mechanical Engineering Employment Contract

Employment is a contract between two parties where one party is an employer and the other an employee, the employee being under the service of the employer until a contract of employment expires. Employment in Florida for potential mechanical engineers is on a high. For every employment opportunity, the potential employee will always take into consideration and weigh the contentious issue of the take home versus the satisfaction gained from employment. This is primarily dictated by the supply demand curve in the labor market. Debate aside, it is only proper to work for an employer who practices to get satisfaction from employment (Ledford, 2010).

Florida is home to many multinational industries in all known fields of technology making it a magnet for employees professionally trained to practice their skills and further develop natural talents. The US Military has a very strong presence in Florida, with the Aerospace defense industry having many subsidiary companies stationed here, Lockheed Martins, BAE Systems are just a few of the potentially satisfactory employment for a budding mechanical engineer. Boeing, NASA and the presence of ship building and repair industries at the Tampa Port make Florida an ideal labor market for engineering professionals. Statistics reveal that mechanical engineers earn an average of 80,850$ annually and that one in every five engineers is very satisfied with their employment (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009).

Mechanical engineering in America is a respected discipline and sought after career, rigorous entry requirements insist that only the very best are recruited into learning institutions to pursue engineering. They are responsible for research, design, development manufacture of equipments the National Bureau of Statistics in 2008 projected mechanical engineering jobs to increase by 6%, with the increase in demand of new technology and upgrading in designs of existing equipment models. Job stability is quite satisfactory with up to 70% of mechanical engineers maintain with these industry straight from campus and for a period of three years as an engineer (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009).

Internship and volunteer programs are formulated for students as young as fifth grade. This are organized with the technology industry in direct collaboration with education institutions to provide and nature interest in engineering at an early stage in life (Research, Development and Engineering Command, 2010). The same is also true for senior high school student; continuing or waiting for entry in universities and also for continuing undergraduate students. This plays a vital role in preparing this student for a smooth orientation into the technologies industry (Research, Development and Engineering Command, 2010).  Job postings for experienced mechanical engineers are available through most employment agencies. It is prudent for mechanical engineers to register with relevant engineering associations as the ASCE, NSPE and related fraternities. Entry level mechanical engineers are expected to also register with these bodies and upload resumes at relevant and secure employment agency databases


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