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Marx and Engels Essay


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Marx and Engels

In old Europe, communism as preached by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels was openly denounced as evil by the then ruling class of European powers. All through history, it is documented that society has been two opposite camps, to major social classes constantly at odds with each other. Marx and Engels proposed to use this apparent rift to promote a revolution towards communism. These two main classes were the Bourgeoisie; who in Marxist ideology are the ruling class in capitalist societies among them capitalists, manufacturers, bankers and other major employers and owned most of means required for production, and used this to exploit the working class. The second class is the proletariat or working class whose chief concern is property value.

It is claimed that among the peasants of the medieval Europe arose licensed middle class citizens in the earliest town who developed the initial policies of the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie were favored by in crease of trade as America was discovered after the Cape of Good Hope opened the way to America resulting in thriving trade.  Trade grew with the East India and Chinese territories as did with colonies in the Americas. This led to an explosion of development in navigation, communication, railways and industry.

To Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, this was an economic growth which promoted the rise of capitalism and the richer getting richer as the poor became poorer. A revolution which is as a result of economic growth. Revolutionalising means of production along with the relations of production and the society in general, accordingly the proletarians became a thorn in the flesh of the bourgeoisie and became modern day laborers. As wages fell as machines were also revolutionalising production. Trade unions were then formed to champion for a better share of profits.


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