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Marketing Communications Strategy


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Marketing Communications Strategy


Paper instructions:

Please make sure to at least use 3 references and cite every paragraph even if you dont quote anything. Thank you!
I also took pictures of my book on the topic and so you can use it as a reference if you want. here is the link:Czinkota, Michael R., and Ilkka A. Ronkainen. International Marketing. N.p.: South-Western College, 2009. Print.

Sample Outline:
I. Title Page: Answer a “specific” question or solve a problem. Example: The Efficacy of TransformationalLeadership in NGOs
II. Introduction: A solid, very solid opening that answers the question: What’s it all about?
III. Discussion / Observation: Much of your work is here, answering the question: What’s it all mean?
IV. Findings / Application: Begin the transition to answer the final question: Why do I care? This is where
you begin to link theory to practical application.
V. Developed Conclusion: A thorough treatment, where you tie the discussion and findings together.
This is a continued quest to answer the question: Why do I care?
VI. Recommendations: Use this if your essay makes recommendations or key takeaways, spelling them
out as applicable / appropriate. At this point, all three implied questions have been answered.
VII. Summary / Closing Comments: Different from your developed conclusion to the discussion, i.e., you
actually summarize the essay or transition to a suitable / appropriate ending. This will vary depending
upon the nature of your essay and what you are specifically trying to accomplish.
VIII. Reference Page(s): Three or more scholarly references, one of which can be our text.

Best Practices:
Answer Three Implied Questions: Most readers will have three implied questions in their mind when
reading your essay submission: (1) What’s it all about? (2) What’s it all mean? (3) Why do I care?



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