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Marketing Communication Strategy


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Marketing Communication Strategy


Marketing communication aids the company in development of brand awareness implying that after it is carried out, consumers gain the ability to interpret information concerning a product into perception regarding the attributes as well as the product’s position in the market. Companies further employs marketing communication in retention of the existing customer base and help in cementing relationships with the organization’s vendors. To develop a good communication strategy, it is imperative to come up with a step-to-step approach stating the objectives of the plan and outlining how to achieve it (Fill, 2005).
The marketing communication plan need to begin with the general and measurable objective that the business want to achieve. The general objective should be a general statement stating what need to be achieved while the measurable objective should outline how this is going to be achieve giving actual activities and timelines. To help set up the objectives, the organization need to develop questions such as what is to be achieved, what need to be different and how people’s awareness, knowledge and attitudes will be changed. In essence, communications strategy need to have a close relationship with overall organizational plan. This means having a glimpse of the company’s overall vision, core aims and objectives and adjusting the communication plan to align this. Another important component in marketing communication plan is identifying, understanding and prioritizing the audience. To start with, the organization marketing team need to list all those who the communication plan will target and then consider who are the most important. Understand all the stakeholders is important, as this will help in achieving the overall objectives (Pickton & Broderick, 2001).

Findings / Application

It is important for businesses to adopt an appropriate Marketing Communications Strategy for it to be able to inform its clients what the company is achieving. Various marketing communication strategies are available for use by the businesses. Businesses normally present its offerings which clearly indicates the customer benefits that are expected and thereby compelling the customers to be part of it. The company need to develop a market communication strategy that informs the potential and the current customers why their products are superior to those offered by their competitors. An appropriate market communication strategy is the one that has the ability to increases the chances of an organization to precisely convey the product’s benefits, and to certify that the message is positively received by the target audience. Planning of all the marketing communication activities goes along way in ensuring no aspect is left out and also ensures smooth implementation. Keeping the objective and mission of the organization ensure no deviations (Fill, 2005).
Conclusion and Recommendations
The marketing communication plan begins with objectives of the business, which are set by examining where the business is and where it intends to be in a specified period of time. It is of importance for a marketing communication strategy to identify, understand and prioritize the audience which is done by listing them and understanding their purpose in the plan. An appropriate market communication strategy is the one that has the ability to increases the chances of a company target audience. At all times objectives and mission of the organization as a whole should be considered. The marketing communication plan should include assessing marketing communication opportunities, analyzing resources available, setting objectives, evaluate alternative strategies and assigning of specific marketing communications tasks (Czinkota and Ilkka 2009).


In summary, it is important for a company to have an effective market communication plan. For this to be successful, it should contain various components including the objectives, the audience and a plan of actions. It is important to also have in mind the overall goals and objectives of the organization so that they are aligned together. The message contained in the communication plan should have the ability to transmit the product’s benefits and ensure positive impact of the message.


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