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Managing Organisational Risk in a Global Pandemic


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Assessment Guide Here you will find all you need to know about what you need to do for your assessments – task descriptions, marks allocated, due dates, and resources to help with your preparation. Please read carefully to avoid misunderstanding.
          Tutor:Damian Karmelich Contact:[email protected] Consultation times: Times are flexible, but a prior appointment is essential – just email to arrange a mutually agreeable time to do an online meeting or a phone call.    

 Assessment TASKS:

Here is an outline of the assessment tasks for this course – you are strongly encouraged to read each section carefully to make sure you know what is required. Students are expected to be independent and professional about submitting assignments. If there are questions about how to approach a task, they should be asked in seminars or placed on the course Q&A function on Moodle that is there for all students. It is an important feature of equity to all students in this course that questions and answers are there for everyone to read. The LIC will monitor the Q&A regularly and will respond to all questions as quickly as possible.

 Assessment componentsWeightingDue
1.Critical article review30%From Week 2  
2.Seminar participation20%Ongoing
3.Major assignment50%Friday, 5th November at 6pm

NB: Although obviously desirable, it is not necessary to pass all assessment elements to pass the course – a composite mark of 50% is sufficient.

This assignment is completed in presentation form – students will share their presentation on Collaborate and talk to the points made on their slides.

5 minutes/5 slides maximum: To facilitate our seminar discussions becoming student-led, every student will introduce and critically evaluate an article from the presentation readings listed for each week in your Seminar Guide. In Week 1, students will choose an article and sign up to do a presentation about it on Moodle. How you arrange your material and what you include is up to you, but your presentation should:

Other things to note:

  • Your slides should contain in-text references with page numbers where appropriate and the final slide should list your sources – a minimum of three (3) academic sources from suggested course material is required for this task. Using relevant research from your Seminar Guide is required.

Rubric for article presentation – 30%

 Needs major/some improvement to passSatisfactory but some problemsGoodVery good to excellent
Literature – selectionLiterature choice not well made or insufficient.Literature choice is adequate but could be improved.Choice of literature appropriate and sufficient.Literature chosen well and more than sufficient.
Literature – applicationApplication and/or comprehension of literature not demonstrated.Use of literature is adequate but could be improved.Use of literature demonstrates effort and understanding.Literature chosen well and crafted insightfully.
Structure Logical structure and coherence of argument/ conclusionsThe argument does not flow very well.The argument is clear.The argument is well structured and integrated.Superior argument, clearly articulated.
Communication Clarity and content of slides  The presentation slides were unclear, incomplete or difficult to follow.The presentation was generally fine/some problems.The presentation was easy to follow.Clear and sophisticated presentation.
Originality of work Presence of plagiarism or paraphrasing, or summarising of one source after anotherThe work borrows too much from sources/excessive use of quotes etc.The work is a mixture of original and unoriginal passages.The work synthesises the findings of a range of sources into an original argument.A sophisticated synthesis of an impressive literature with original insights.
Recognition of relevant ethical, social and cultural implicationsThe work does not show recognition of these issues.The work shows partial recognition of these issues.The work shows significant recognition of these issues.The work shows highly significant recognition of these issues.
ReferencingAbsent or poor referencing.Referencing generally OK, but some mistakes.Flawless referencing

Your participation during seminars will be assessed throughout the semester and your overall mark out of 20 will reflect the level of informed contribution you were able to make to discussion. Even if you are not presenting that week, you are still required to participate in class discussion, using your prior reading. Friendly, collegial debate will contribute to a pleasant and engaging learning experience for us all. If you can put your video on and speak directly to your classmates and tutor, that will really help the atmosphere in the class as well. Applying a 20% weighting to this course activity is a signal of the importance placed on regular preparation for engaged participation in classes – discussions among students are a vital part of your learning process.

Rubric for seminar participation – 20%

Although there is no ‘submission’ for seminar participation, please use this rubric as a guide to the assessment criteria that will be used to arrive at your participation mark.

 Needs ImprovementSatisfactoryVery goodExcellent
RegularityMissed more than 3 seminarsReasonably regular – missed 3Missed 1-2 onlyCommented in every seminar
Demonstration of prior preparationDifficult to discern prior reading. Made comments that borrowed from other students’ ideasSome references to readings madeContributes good insights from the readingsContributes sophisticated insights from the readings
Depth of analysis of readingsOnly superficial comments madeSolid comprehension shownArgues for position in thoughtful mannerDemonstrates sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of sources
  Potential mark    0-9  10-13  14-16  17 +
  • Managing Organisational Risk in a Global Pandemic

2,200 words (not including reference list)

Due Friday 5th November at 6pm

It is January 2022 and you have just been hired to take on the position of Senior Risk Analyst at a multinational organisation that sits at the head of several complex supply chains and has subsidiaries around the globe.

The previous incumbent in your new role contracted COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic and took early retirement. There is a state of disarray in the Risk Management Department at head office and it is your job to fix the mess. The CEO has asked you to prepare an initial report for the Board and she has expressed to you her own personal concerns about supply chain stability, workplace health and safety, changing regulatory environments, and the reputational issues that may arise if a section of the company were to become an infection site. Using academic sources and credible industry publications, prepare this report with a focus on your industry’s current situation in relation to the pandemic and emerging risks posed by the recent outbreak of a highly infectious DeltaMax variant of COVID-19. The CEO lets you know that some Board members are complacent about the risks posed by the pandemic and she wants you to present arguments that will alert them to the need for proactive governance.

Assignment instructions:

  • You can choose the industry in which your organisation operates and the issues upon which you want to focus. It will be important, however, to make your decision based on the material you can find to support your arguments.
  • Although your submission should be in one document, your assignment has three parts and should contain:
    • A two-page executive summary (your argument about the situation in your industry and the key risks/challenges you have identified)
    • A SWOT analysis through which you can provide a ‘snapshot’ of a broader range of issues faced by your industry
    • An in-depth report where you take one or two crucial issues raised in the executive summary and illustrate their complexity
  • There is a host of readings listed in your Seminar Guide to help you get started.
  • It is expected that you will read and use recommended course resources to prepare your paper. At least half of your reference list should be course resources. While you may do independent research, you must be sure that any sources you choose are relevant to the set assessment task. Students who use low quality, outdated, irrelevant or ‘double dipped’ sources from other courses typically do not do well.
  • All assignments are marked on the basis of how much work has demonstrably been done to complete them. A minimum of six (6) sources must be cited to achieve a pass or credit grade. A stronger research effort is required to achieve higher marks.
  • The word count can be 10% higher or lower than the word limit.
  • Careful referencing is required and reference lists are not included in the word count. You must put all quoted material in quotation marks.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions in lectures and seminars if you’re not sure about how to approach this task. This is sure to spark some interesting debate!
  • Please see the Assessment section on Moodle. There you will find further general advice about preparing assignments to help you.

Rubric for major assignment – 50%

 Needs ImprovementSatisfactoryGoodExcellent
Argument Level of understanding, depth of analysis, and ability to apply, relevant knowledge and conceptsThe material covered was not very insightful. Closer attention to the key arguments/ concepts is required.The paper highlighted the key arguments/concepts.Drew some insightful conclusions.Made sophisticated argument.
LiteratureSources not chosen well, insufficient, not well related to topic.Choice of sources was generally OK and sufficient.Sources were wisely chosen, diverse, and used well.Impressive use of sources, analysed insightfully.
Structure Logic of structure and coherence of materialThe material does not flow very well.The paper is generally clear but there are some structural problems.The material is very clearly organised.The argument was clear, concise and well structured.
Originality of workBorrows too much from sources and/or excessive use of quotes.A mixture of original and unoriginal passages.An original piece of work.A synthesis of findings from a wide range of sources into original arguments.
Expression Clarity of communicationExpression is unclear and makes it difficult to ascertain meaning.The expression is generally fine, but with some errors.Clear written expression.Excellent expression.
Recognition of relevant ethical, social and cultural implicationsThe work does not show recognition of these issues.The work shows partial recognition of these issues.Shows significant recognition of these issues.Shows superior recognition of these issues.
Referencing Ability to reference in a consistent/diligent fashionAbsent or poor referencing. You can lose marks for this because it affects all other criteria.Referencing generally OK, but some mistakes.Good referencing.Flawless referencing.




Please familiarise yourself with University policies on poor academic practices like plagiarism, paraphrasing and poor referencing (links on Moodle). The Student Misconduct Procedure may be implemented, if any student is discovered to have adopted these practices. In this course, plagiarised, paraphrased or poorly referenced sections will not be included in the assessment of a piece of work. For example, if an entire paper is plagiarised, it may well earn zero marks. In addition, staff are required to enter the names of students who submit work of this type on the UNSW Plagiarism Register.

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