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Management Information Systems


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The purpose of this assignment is to analyse the topic of E-Commerce and the significance for business. Your assignment should include the following areas:

1. Describe and explain what E-Commerce means for businesses.

2. Research and analyse the differences and benefits of the main categories of E- Commerce.

3. Develop and justify key issues for consideration when developing an E-Commerce presence.

4. Research and analyse three (3) case studies/examples that highlight where E-Commerce has been successfully introduced. Each case study/example should be a minimum of 150 words each. Consider success factors relating to the business, the customer etc.

5. Develop your conclusion about the implementation of E-Commerce for today’s business.

1. You are to complete the tasks listed above and submit your answers as a report (2000 words excluding the reference list and appendices).

2. The document should have appropriate headings, subheadings and page numbers. You are able to use graphics and images.

3. Your report should demonstrate depth of analysis, provide a convincing argument and clear recommendations based on your analysis or argument.

4. Harvard Referencing rules apply. Both intext referencing and a Reference List must be included in the assignment.

5. Whilst the assignment should follow academic standards. The report presented should be of a professional (business) standard in terms of content and layout. The format and structure should include:

· A Table of Contents

· An Executive Summary

· Conclusion

· Appropriate use of Headings. (Make sure each headings aligns to the assignment tasks and requirements)

6. The assignment should be in Microsoft Word format (.doc file). This assignment should be typed using times new roman font size 12, 1.5 line spacing and double that between paragraphs.

7. It is IMC policy that assignments cannot be submitted late without prior approval of the unit coordinator and only in extenuating circumstances supported by evidence. Assignments submitted late without prior approval will not be graded.

8. The assignment is due in week 7 (at the start of the lecture), otherwise it is considered late.

9. The assignment must be submitted to the Unit’s Turnitin. The submission must be in word format (.doc file). PDF file format submissions should not be added to Turnitin. Attach a copy of the summary Turnitin result to your printed copy assignment. Students should review the Turnitin similarity result and where it is higher than 20% similarity, the student should review and determine if the result can be reduced prior to submission by the due date.

10. You should also physically hand your lecturer a printed copy of the assignment prior to the commencement of the lecture in week 7.

11. Your assignment must have the correct TOP cover sheet attached and the declaration must be signed. The signed TOP cover sheet should be attached to the printed copy of the assignment and be handed to your lecturer prior to the commencement of the lecture in week 7.

12. Ensure a thorough edit and spell check.

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