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Essay on Management and Leadership


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Management and Leadership

Different labor markets tend to demand different personality types. Studies indicate a strong correlation occurring between these two attributes, personality traits and the labor markets as well as the outcomes that organizations realize thereof. The Big Five personality theory makes attempts at analyzing the influence that personality traits tend to have on employee performance (Nuevo-Chiquero et al., 2014). However, one the job performance is essentially a multidimensional construct to the effect that technical experts tend to exhibit different personality features in comparison to their counterparts in the finance sector. Like most other hiring processes, there are instances where the personality testing in relation to the outcomes do not match (Nuevo-Chiquero et al., 2014). This is especially the case where performances expectations among some members of staff are below expectation despite that their temperaments are right for the duties and responsibilities that they perform.

Decisions to Hire

At the AZY Construction Company, there are two main expert roles. These include the engineering team favored for its richness in technical expertise while the other is the finance department professionals regarded highly for their non-cognitive skill sets. The Big Five personality theory measures five aspect of an individual’s temperament (Fadhilah & Alamsyah, 2018). These include openness to experience, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, and neuroticism. The aim of the hiring tests employed at the organization is to offer indications as to how well a potential employee takes initiative, perform tasks, and the level of resourcefulness in problem solving (Nuevo-Chiquero et al., 2014). It also requires participants to undergo a performance dimension measuring model that delves on a number of competencies. Some of these include timeliness, quality, quantity of work, efficiency relative to resource use, customer relations, productive habits compliance and alignment, self-reliance, and contribution to team work (Fadhilah & Alamsyah, 2018). This serves as a proper basis for adding value to the overall performance management process.

Advantages and Drawbacks

There are a number of advantages that AZY Construction Company tends to favor from using the Big Five Personality theory in its performance management strategy. Firstly, it is a well-accepted notion that the personality traits measured are least likely to witness ordinal changes (Nuevo-Chiquero et al., 2014). Secondly, as a firm that embraces workplace diversity, the Big Five is a potent assessment tool for use across different samples and cultures. Lastly, the personality traits defined under the Big Five remain uncorrelated with regard to cognitive skills or the capacity to solve problems (Nuevo-Chiquero et al., 2014). This implies that the firm’s hiring process ensures that personal differences are well explained towards identifying the attributes that it desires amongst its employees and workplace teams.

There are notable weaknesses in the firm’s hiring process. For instance, research studies indicate relationships occurring between a person’s temperaments and a vast array of economic outcome like income and educational attainment (Ma’amor et al., 2016). However, it appears that the role that personality traits play in the outcomes witnessed in the labor market relative to productivity present unintended drawbacks. The result is that some measures are unsatisfactory requiring a more comprehensive investigation on how aspects of personality and productivity vary across various populations.

Reasons for Underperformance

It is clear that there are some clashing outcomes between hiring process measures and the actual on the job output among some of the employee. The low productivity suggests that measurements used tend to hide the outcomes of a number of personality variables (Ma’amor et al., 2016). More importantly, the low productivity among hired employees indicates that a richer understanding of organizational processes and operations is required.


It is imperative that AZY carries out a comprehensive study to associate personalities manifested through the Big Five based hiring procedure with the dynamics of its operational processes. For instance, the firm boasts a unique organizational culture. It is necessary to work towards identifying personality traits that quickly and easily complement the already established culture. Similarly, the HR department ought to look for a process that runs throughout the company pairs staff with teams where their personality traits are well suited to allow for fruitful collaborations.




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