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Manage Discussion Entry

The Theory of Management dates back to the early 1800’s when the industrial revolution where the initial application of management focused primarily on production.   Since, the theories have evolved to focus on human behavior, organizational structures, and quality assurance (Kwok, 2014). 

Of the myriad of theories, I chose to explore and base my improvement plan on a hybrid approach where I will can have flexibility to see and test for desired outcomes and subsequent failures to better posture for course correction.   In my approach, I first must know that the company I chose deals largely with advanced technology and is very customer service centric.  The Administrative Management Theory is from I believe the best model to apply during the fusion between T-Mobile and Sprint.  This concept is essentially a “one-stop-shop” that offers a wide degree of efficiencies through a multi-faceted layer of management that incorporates a quality review over product, employee performance, &command & control.  However, this initial issue with this concept during a merge, is the considerable amount of time to develop and implement making it not that feasible from the start.  The immediate goal is synergy and will require an intrusive style of management where clear expectations are set and managed by leveraging employees to connect all of the various software applications to all work off on one network.  The Systems Management Theory from what I believe is the most practical style that would ensure rapid oversight and coloration with the various integration management teams. 

It’s important to note that any management system employed is a theory and according to Christenson & Raynor (2003), you must understand Causation and requires a deep degree of understanding various categories within your management style to ultimately predict the associated outcomes. They later argued that it is important to study the companies that failed to better understand the reason for causation.   I immediately jump to talent management aspect because you must find the right person that has the pedigree, knowledge, and ability to see and understand the causation and in my case study, fuse two companies that once were rivals into one smooth operating machine. 


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            Management theories can vary in several ways and can be interpreted in several ways also. When I think of the term management theories, I think about different ways to manage things based on several things. After researching management theories, I was able to find a few such as systems theory, principles of administrative management, bureaucratic management, scientific management, human relations theory, classical management, contingency management, modern management, quantitative management, and organizations as learning systems (sling team, n.d.).

             The benefits of using the principles of administrative management theory in the development of a process is the ability to organize, command, control, coordinate, plan, and forecast. In my everyday responsibilities as a senior maintenance supervisor, I do each of these consistently. From planning vehicles to come in and out of the shop, forecasting what equipment needs maintenance in the future, and even providing command and control over the 47 mechanics in the shop. I don’t see any downside to this management theory.

            Leaders throughout the military use this management theory often. Whether its for organizing meeting to prepare for future training events, commanding Soldiers for real life deployment situations, controlling daily movements, and planning the necessary training to keep Soldiers current on the skills. For leaders in the Army, having effective management theories is what leads to successful completion of missions.

Sling Team. (n.d.). The 11 Most Important Management Theories For Small Business. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)


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